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July 1968  USS SEALION (APSS-315)        Going down South for fun and games !
Top: Lt-Rt: CO of boat J. V. Markoskie, John Muckle, Ltjg Ron Yeaw, Jim Wallace, Fred Toothman, Ltjg Schutzman, Pete Girard, Joe Silva, Ron Rogers, Dr. R. Lee MD (UDT-22)   Sitting:  Lt-Rt:  Erasmo Riojas (guys used to harass for holding on to the IBS),  Mike McQuillis, Slater Blackiston, Jerry Waters.
I , Doc Rio, would like to be remembered as I look in the above picture:   Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC (FMF)(DV)(SEAL)





Erasmo "Doc" Riojas   Korea Police Action  (FMF USMC Corpsman), and  Vietnam (SEAL) and a Deep Sea Diver         Doc Rio is A Career Military Professional and Two War Veteran 

The most dangerous role of the Hospital Corpsman in Vietnam was in the field. Special units (such as Navy SEAL teams and Marine reconnaissance units) took medical Sailors with them, as did the artillery, air, and infantry elements of the Marine Corps. Most of the 53 Hospital Corpsmen assigned to an infantry battalion served with rifle companies, one or two men per platoon of about 40. These Sailors patrolled with their Marines, risked the same dangers, and rendered the aid that saved the lives of thousands.



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People:   Carl McMillan is working on the new book in his Indomitable Patriot series. He’s keeping tight lipped about it, but he told me to keep my sea bag packed, because I might be headed to Hanoi with a CIA team to evaluate the French at Dien Bien Phu. It looks like he’s about to knock another one outta-the-park.  

I, Doc Rio, will let all of you know when this book is out on the Market.   Thank You 



Carl's latest book in the Patriot series is published, and it's a great book! Get yours TODAY!! 

Picking up where the Submariners left off, Rod heads for Pensacola to become a fighter tactics instructor pilot, but orders change… (what, in the Navy?!). A double ace and Navy Cross recipient for sinking the Kaga at the battle of Midway, Rod is now heading to Muroc AAF to develop new fighter tactics. Meanwhile, he meets Julie, the Admiral's secretary… and the sparks fly!

 Roger is once again in action, this time on the Gobi Desert in Northern China on a covert OSS mission, with Sy and Carlos as his shooters. Read about the air battle of Truk, the Great Mariana's Turkey Shoot, and the air battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. There's more submarine action with air-sea rescues, the introduction of a new piece of gear, Hells Bells, and the sinking of the Shinano….

Also told for the first time, the story of the "Silverplate B-29s," and the bombs they dropped that ended the war. 

To get your copy, simply go to Amazon dot Com and search, The Indomitable Patriot: the Aviators. 

Here's a random page from the book - I know none of you have ever been in this situation…. 

"Lookin' for something," the mechanic yelled across the hangar. Pack, now fuming inside, slowly turned and walked toward the man. Instead of turning irate, he sat down next to the man. "You got all these to rebuild," Pack asked. "Who hates you this bad? You must have really fucked up along the way.

   " "I guess I'm the first man attached to this rag-tag circus," he said. "All I know is there's some hotshot Ace coming from the states who's gonna show us how to fight the war. Guess the chair-warming SOB got caught with the Admiral's daughter and this was as far as they could throw him." I busted out laughing when the mechanic said that. "You're funny, what's your name, sailor?" "Chief Petty Officer Prince Pauper," he replied, "and you say anything I'll clean your clock!

 I think my Papa hated me, naming me that. Sure as shit had to learn to fight at an early age." "What do they call you? I guess you're assigned to this place also?" "I guess, Chief," I replied. "I'm a hotshot, chair-warming SOB Ace from the states whose gonna show everybody how to fight the war, and it was the Admiral's secretary, not his daughter, but everybody just calls me Pack." "Oh Shit!" Pauper bellowed as he jumped to his feet. 


Once again, my thanks go out to Doc RIO who assisted with this book, and helped this illiterate grunt who's, after fifty years still scraping central highlands crud from under his fingernails, put this masterpiece together. Thank you, my friend, for always being there to inspire me onward. 

'Meanwhile, back at the ranch,' I've begun work on the next book that's going to take the reader into Vietnam, and the return of... Lieutenant Doc Rio, MD, USNR. Pinky has made good on her promise to send Doc to medical school and now he's qualified to do - what he's been doing all along. 

If you haven't read the entire Patriot series, shame on you. Regardless, order your copy of the Aviators today, and prepare yourself for… "Our War."


H-19A helicopter, call sign “Ghost 8” 
Over the Yellow Sea, North Korea 
6 February 1951    by:        Carl McLelland
Mister Foy heard the ominous sounds of bullets striking his helicopter. He redoubled his concentration, applying every piloting skill he possessed. The “Thud, pop, whoosh” sounds of bullets tearing through the fragile aluminum were very similar to a ‘church key’ puncturing the top of a beer can. They were under attack from a North Korean Yak-3 airplane. Foy sensed the usual vibrations of this new, somewhat experimental bird intensify. “Get on the controls with me, Web,” he shouted over the intercom to his copilot, “help me fly this thing.” 

Foy felt Web Manuel’s hands on the cyclic, attempting to quell the severe vibrations shaking the controls. “The oil pressure is dropping,” Manuel replied; his voice a staccato chop in-tune with the whop-whop of the rotor blades. “We better think about putting this thing down in the water while we can still control it.” 

‘Doc Rio,’ their seasoned combat physician’s assistant watched in horror as Roger slumped to the cabin floor. The veteran navy Chief Warrant Officer had been on the front lines every day of the Korean War. His short detail to the CIA would not pass without further bloodletting. 

A red stain appeared on Roger’s abdomen and grew at an alarming rate. Doc crawled across the unstable floor of the helicopter cabin and checked Roger’s vital signs. There was no question: one of the machine gun bullets from the pursuing Yak fighter plane hit Roger. 

There is an old axiom among pilots. “Any landing you walk away from is a good one. If the airplane can be flown again, it’s a great one.” Along those lines Mister Foy, with Mister Manuel’s help had just made a good autorotation and landing in the Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea. Although Ghost eight, a Sikorsky H-19A helicopter showed fewer than one-hundred hours on its flight meter, it had flown its last mile. 

Foy remained at the controls, stabilizing the chopper while Manuel climbed down into the cabin. Manuel helped their passengers deploy two rubber rafts, and then assisted the men climbing aboard them. Doc Rio and special agent Rose pulled Roger’s unconscious body aboard theirs. Manuel tossed Rio’s medical kit in the raft as they began paddling, trying to get away from the rotor blades turning overhead. 

A radar surveillance plane marked the position where they ditched. They vectored a Martin Mariner seaplane to the location to attempt rescue. 

Doc Rio’s efforts kept Roger alive until they reached Pusan, South Korea. Once there, a team from the 2355th M.A.S.H. stood by to perform surgery. 

The team special agent Roger Nash commanded, had successfully repatriated U.S. Army Major General William F. Dean. The former commander of the 24th Infantry Division had been a POW since the early days of the war.



Hello Folks, 

At long last I’ve published the third book in my Indomitable Patriot series, The Indomitable Patriot: the Submariners. 

The book takes us back to 1943 and the OSS. The USS Great White (SS-299) has just put an OSS team ashore in the Philippines and has gone hunting for Japanese tonnage to sink. She almost gets more than she bargained for when she tangles with a Japanese battleship with five escorts. Will she survive her assault and live to fight again? 

Lieutenant Commander Marcus Spencer, captain of the Great White experiences a number of twists and turns in his career as well, mainly involving the OSS and their covert activities in the Northern Mariana Islands. I’ve also introduced naval aviation into this book to present many thrilling scenes taking place above, as well as below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. 

As with my previous Patriot books, this book is historically accurate fiction. The book is geared toward submarine warfare and along those lines I read and reviewed dozens of actual patrol reports of USS Wahoo, Tang, and a number of WWII submarines. I lucked out in one additional way however. 

My technical editor was a retired Navy Command Master Chief who spent his entire naval career aboard diesel and nuclear submarines. His tireless efforts have enabled me to write a book about submarine warfare a reader with no knowledge of the boats will understand and enjoy, and a submarine sailor (also called a “Bubblehead”) will enjoy the realism, jargon and accuracy of the story. 

If interested in looking further, just click this link and as-if by magic you will be transported to Amazon and the books listing. It’s available in both print and Kindle formats.


I hope, regardless of your decision to check out the book, everybody is healthy and prosperous. All Best,    Carl McLelland


Carl  has done it again !  His latest NEW book is now available on Amazon.
Doc Rio is reading the proof copy  it has captured his whole attention

Roger and Pinky Nash have come up through the ranks with the OSS and CIA. Along the way Roger earned the Navy Cross fighting in the Philippines, as well as a Bronze Star fighting with Merrill’s Marauder’s in Burma.It’s now January, 1950 and Pinky assumes command of the Japanese CIA office, as well as the responsibility for gathering North Korean intelligence. Will their first battle be with the NKPA, or the Supreme Commander Allied Powers, General MacArthur? What happens when SCAP goes to war against the CIA instead of the North Koreans? MacArthur has infiltrated and corrupted the CIA office. Can Pinky turn it around? The CIA immediately begins producing indisputable evidence the North Korean’s are ready to wage war, but can they convince the powers in Washington D.C.? What happens when Pinky’s personal life begins to crumble around her? Has her anger with Roger caused her to seek his replacement? 

In the early days of the war that was not supposed to happen, the North Koreans capture Major General Wm. Dean, commander of the 24th Infantry Division and hold him in a secluded prison. Several attempts at repatriation fail. In addition to intelligence gathering, the CIA plans a repatriation mission. Can Pinky’s CIA team of special agents do a better job than the Army? Will the small team of specialists thinking outside the box do a better job than the military might with traditional operating procedures? 

You will be on the edge of your seat as real people, not storybook fantasy characters take on the impossible and the story builds to an exciting and unexpected crescendo. Don’t miss this exciting second book in the Behind The Lines series.   If you are like me and want a real book to hold and fondle while you read, then simply click this link and as-if by magic you will be transported to the Amazon listing for “Dean, the Captured General.”
If, on the other hand you are a technogeek and prefer the Kindle edition, simply click this link and you will find yourself at the Kindle listing for Dean. Further note... the price for the Kindle edition is only $2.99, and you can download a Kindle reader for your computer for free!
Guys, this old Army dude thanks you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy this latest book. I’ve got a ton of research ahead of me, the next book will be advancing into the Vietnam era, late ‘53-early ‘54, with an exploratory trip to Dien Bien Phu to see if we should support the French, or write them off. In Fertig Pinky was behind the scenes at the OSS academy. She takes a leading role in Dean, and hoo-boy, have I got some exciting scenes for her in the next volume of Behind The Lines! The storyline will also be split between Vietnam and the communists moving into Argentina, and some of the characters introduced in Dean might just find themselves fighting a totally covert, subversive battle in So. America. 


As always, I’ll do my best to keep the story historically accurate and keep you on the edge of your seat as you read the story..... Carl (Having spent the majority of my tour in the highlands at DakTo, guess where we’re ultimately heading...).


Yep !  I am immortalized !  Mr. Carl McLelland emailed me for permission to be included in his book and i agreed.  We have become good buddies on the WWW.

Yep !  I am immortalized !  Mr. Carl McLelland emailed me for permission to be included in his book and i agreed.  We have become good buddies on the WWW.

LOTs !  of  VIETNAM War pictures: 
  You may recognize some of my SEAL buddies here!





THE INDOMITABLE PATRIOT  Fertig, The Guerrilla General

One of our guys, although he had the misfortune of going Army instead of Navy, has become a writer in
his old age. His first few books were about the paranormal... he likes to chase ghosts in his spare time. But his latest
endeavor; Wow! He has started a new series of books he calls Behind the Lines. His first book, recently completed and
published is titled “THE INDOMITABLE PATRIOT: Fertig, the Guerrilla General.” It’s a historically correct novel about Wendell Fertig in the Philippines in World War II.  Here’s what the book looks like. 
Cover Final :
May, 1942. General Wainwright has just surrendered the Philippines. Wendell Fertig, a Corps of Engineers Lieutenant Colonel, refuses to comply and flees into the mountains of Mindanao. Fertig is soon
joined by dozens of former Philippino Army scouts who encourage him to form a guerrilla Army. Over the next few months Fertig is joined by several other displaced American soldiers, one of whom builds a small, makeshift transmitter and establishes contact with the Navy. 
General MacArthur denounces Fertig, going on record claiming it’s impossible for a guerrilla movement in the Philippines to succeed. The O.S.S. decide to take a chance and covertly supplies Fertig by submarine. Once he receives the tools to wage war, his achievements become legendary. By the time MacArthur returns to the Philippines in 1944 he is met on the beach at Leyte by a force of over twenty thousand of Fertig’s guerrilla Army. 

This fictional accounting is based upon the actual military records and reports of one man’s impossible achievements against overwhelming odds; against an enemy who outnumbered him a hundred to one. Wendell Fertig, a civil engineer and untrained amateur in the ways of war, defied the predictions of the experts and brought the Japanese Army to its knees. Enjoy this first installment in the new Behind The Lines series of combat thrillers based upon historical records.

The book is available from Amazon in either print or Kindle versions, or by special order from almost any book retailer.
(He’s not Tom Clancy yet. They don’t stock his books but they can order them). These links will take you to the Amazon listings. If you look at the Kindle listing there is a Look Inside feature that lets you read through the first chapter. 


About the Author     Carl’s professional career began as an Army and then FAA air traffic controller. He advanced from a small radar van in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to the TRACON in one of our nation’s busiest airports. He also became a commercial pilot and flight instructor, retiring after thirty-nine years of flying. By 1986 he was experiencing severe burnout. He put himself through the police academy, resigned from the FAA and became a deputy Sheriff in Reno, Nevada. He retired after a distinguished career on the street. Not only the cop on the beat, Carl became a renowned traffic accident reconstructionist on his departments Major Accident Investigation Team, as well as a highly acclaimed crime scene investigator. Throughout his life Carl has been a student of the paranormal and often experienced the effects of the supernatural in his personal life. In 2012 he became involved in the saga of the haunted Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas and its resident spirit, Ladell Allen Bonner. The result of dozens upon dozens of paranormal interactions with Ladell led Carl to write his first book about Ladell’s life and death. Writing that first book sparked a latent avocation in his life: writing. Carl has always been a connoisseur of military history, and that interest began a new direction for his writing. This latest book is the story of Wendell Fertig, and the beginning of a thrilling new series, 'Behind The Lines.' While the stories are fictionalized, they are all based upon factual military history. Join in with Carl and enjoy his books as you gain an interesting new insight in what war is all about.

The following is typical of the reviews I’m receiving on the book: 

Just finished your book and you get 4.0 marks from this old Navy Seal. Really enjoyed and it adds to my hobby of WWII.
Spent 22 years of my 34 in and out of the PI. Have traveled every island and was trained a marksman by RJ when we were
stationed at Team 2 during Vietnam. Still a very good friend I keep in contact with. Going to recommend it to my friends,
at least the ones that can read.

 THE INDOMITABLE PATRIOT  Fertig, The Guerrilla General

Doc Riojas Comment:  Once i started reading this book, i have find myself hard to putting it down! because of my very old age (84 yr old eyes and at the end of being able to correct my vision) I find that the way  the paragraphs are other important text are spaced to be extremly easy to read.

Having retired from the Navy and traveled to that part of the orient reminds me of my days as a guerrilla combatant as part of the Navy SPecial Warfare serving as a Navy SEAL in the Jungles of Vietnam.

The author is equally as good a military writter as Tom Clancy.  This story may possibly be material for a great movie similar to the the movie produced about the POW rescue in WWII by Filipino Guerilla fighters and the U.S. Army Rangers.  "The Great Raid"

Do not wait to buy it tomorrow, order it today !  It was recommended to me by CDR R.D. Thomas (recommended for the Medal of Honor by the US Army, but our politically correct US Navy downgraded it to a Navy Cross. SHame on them !

Carl McLelland, USMC Pilot: the author’s father


Stuart, FL. Airshow 4-6 November 16 RCPT-USA