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It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Dan who was killed in a < span class="Apple-converted-space"> parachuting accident on Saturday, 03 March. Dan graduated with BUD/S Class 55 in Coronado on 10 April 1970 and served in UDT-13 and UDT-12.  Dan is a Vietnam War Veteran.  For information regarding Dan's funeral services, please click on the Dan Potts Funeral Information below.Dan Potts Funeral Information.  here will be Movie Night fund raiser held by the Gulf Coast Chapter of the UDT-SEAL Association with proceeds donated to Memorial Benefit for Dan Potts Family.     Movie:     Act of Valor
May Dan Rest in Peace
submitted by Ken Abasolo     nbsp; < img border="0" src="http://www.sealtwo.org/seals/July07gulfcoastseals.jpg" width="928" height="551"> sp; The Gulfcoast SEALs and friends DAN J. POTTS  R.I.P.
Daniel J. Potts, 61, of Houston, Texas died March 3, 2012 in a skydiving accident in San Marcos, Texas.  He was born January 4, 1951, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Jerry and Alma (Tittle) Potts. Dan enlisted in the US Navy in March 1969 during the Viet Nam war and volunteered for duty to serve in combat with the UDT-SEAL Teams. Dan qualified for and completed training in BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) Class 55 and served in Vietnam with UDT 12 and UDT 13 until July 1972.  Dan moved to Houston in 1980 and became a self-employed master plumber and spent his entire career as a self employed independent businessman and had an excellent reputation for quality work and dedication to his work. Dan was an active member of the national UDT-SEAL Association and served as the founding President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the UDT-SEAL Association from  2000-2006.  >He was an active member of the Republican Party, the Holley Terrace Civic Association, the National Rifle Association and the United States Parachute Association. It has been recently said of Dan that he “Lived Out Loud!” Yes, Dan knew how to “live” and he invested his time in the things in life that he valued most. Dan was a man of deep moral conviction. Every person that knew Dan, even casually, knew the level of his faith. Dan was a devoted man of God and he tailored his life around that conviction. Dan’s life was a public demonstration of service.  Dan loved God and determined early on, to live a life of service to the Lord. That service not only included an unfailing dedication to the family that he so deeply loved and committed to his care but, Dan’s level of service went well beyond. Dan loved his country and was deeply committed to serving this great nation, not only in words and deeds right up to the day of his death but, going back to his military days fighting for our freedoms on the battlefields of Viet Nam, with the US Navy UDT-SEALs; an organization he dedicated his entire adult life to supporting.  In short; Dan Potts was a man of immense moral conviction that was liberally demonstrated through a life without compromise. He did not compromise his faith in God, his love for his country, his love and dedication to his family, nor his love and dedication to his friends. To be a friend of Dan Potts was a special bond, for Dan knew how to be a friend, and just like everything else he did, he demonstrated his friendship as “action.” Yes, Dan did “Live Out Loud,” and for those that had the privilege of knowing him deeply, know just exactly how loud his love and devotion were.  Dan is survived by his wife, Janet Potts; sons, Aaron Potts and Wesley Dees, wife, Monica; daughters, Samantha Meli, Sarah Potts and Vanessa Potts; grandchildren, Brady and Carter McIntyre, Parker and Grayson Dees, and David Meli; his mother, Alma Potts; brothers, Thomas Potts, Matthew Potts and Andrew Potts; and numerous nieces and nephews. Dan was preceded in death by his father, Jerry Potts and brothers, David Potts, John Potts and Timothy Potts.  Dan will be brought home by his fellow Navy SEALs to St. Jerome Catholic Church, 8825 Kempwood, Houston, Texas for the funeral service at 11:00 a.m., Friday, March 16. Rev. Msgr. Dan Scheel and Father George Henninger will celebrate the funeral mass with a reception following in the Father Raye Center.  A memorial fund has been established for the family. Please send donations to: Amegy Bank Janet E. Potts, Trustee Dan Potts Memorial Fund

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SAN MARCOS — A former Navy SEAL died several miles outside of San Marcos this weekend after a skydiving formation went awry.  Daniel Potts, 61, was trying to form a mid-air circle with friends he was skydiving at Skydive San Marcos in Fentress on Saturday when a less-experienced jumper collided into the Houston resident, Texas Department of Public Safety information specialist Aidee Trottier said. Footage of the incident indicates that the jumper accidentally pushed Potts, who was knocked unconscious and didn’t open his parachute, Trottier said.  The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, Trottier said. No charges have been filed, she said

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Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 
Subject: Dan Potts
Hello all, Most of you know that we lost a good Christian, Father and Team Mate.  I was Dan's Leading Petty Officer at different times, different Platoons in both UDT-13 and UDT-12 and have staying in touch with him all these years.  I will miss him dearly.     Larry nbsp;                       Vanessa     Monica & Jan Potts       and  Vanessa Potts
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From:  Janet Potts;   jepotts7  [at]  excite  DOT com 
To:      Doc Riojas
Date:  04SEP2012 
Subj:  Hey, Doc;  This is Janet Potts. 

I hope you, Lourdes and all of the family are doing great. I truly appreciate you keeping in touch with me. 

I just wanted to let you know that Dan's ashes were released at his memorial skydive at Skydive San Marcos on April 21. All 5 of our kids were there and 4 made their 1st jump at his memorial with Vanessa (our youngest) releasing Dan's ashes. It was absolutely beautiful! Vanessa had just turned 18 in December and Dan was going to take her for her first jump over spring break in March. As Vanessa said, she got her first jump with her dad...and his last jump. 

A Memorial Marker for Dan was placed at the VA Cemetary the week of Fathers Day. I have attached a photo of the marker. 

Also, at Dan's Funeral Mass, I was told there was a piece of wood that the guys put their tridents on and the SEAL banner that everyone signed. Dan's brother and sister-in-law came from Florida last week to visit and asked to see the banner and the wood with the tridents. I told them they have not been given to me yet.   I do appreciate everything you, Chris Nicola,  and the SEALS have done for Dan, me and my family. The shock and disbelief is really hard to deal with. I still have trouble believing Dan is gone and will not allow myself to sit and think about it. 

Doc, thank you so much for staying in touch. You are truly a great friend. Dan always told me that you guys were family and would always be there for one another.....He was right. THANKS! 

janet Potts
281-850-8372 cell 

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed."