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July 1968  USS SEALION (APSS-315)
Top: Lt-Rt: CO of boat J.V. Markoskie, John Muckle, Ltjg Ron Yeaw, Jim Wallace, Fred toothman, Ltjg Schutzman, Pete Girard, Joe Silva, Ron Rogers, Dr. R. Lee MD (UDT-22)   Sitting:  Lt-Rt:  Erasmo Riojas, Mike McQuillis, Slater Blackiston, Jerry Waters.

I , Doc Rio, would like to be remembered as I look in the above picture:   Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC (FMF)(DV)(SEAL)


by the grace of God; I am still alive at 86 y.o.
                  Hoo Yah!                                                                                      1950    Semper    Fi!

Erasmo "Doc" Riojas   Korea Police Action  (FMF USMC Corpsman), and  Vietnam (SEAL) , Combat Swimmer, DeepSeaDiver
   A Career Military Professional and Combat War Veteran: Korea (USMC) & Vietnam (Navy SEALs)


 Erasmo Riojas aka: "Doc Rio"HMC  USN  Retired U.S. Navy Corpsman   Home of Record:   Laredo TX is:   LAREDO TX             TX  Tornados         play         "Laredo Rose"       click   on   Erasmo "Doc" Riojas     Lyrics:  Laredo Rose    and    The  Song                 


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