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                            On Mon, Nov 9, 2015
From: Alan Paganelli 
To:  Doc Riojas
Subj:  Alan is a blind man;   the history of his birth

Hello Doc! 
I was a 6 month preme when I was borne. I weighed 2.2 pounds and dropped down to 1.3 pounds and the Catholic Nuns who were all Irish baptized me Michael Patrick.

A hole bunch of folks including my parents prayed for me. God must of been in a good mood that day or the guy downstairs was afraid of me!. When I began to thrive, my parents and the church named me Alan James. So when my mother use to get pissed off at me she would call me Alan James Mikle Patric! Usually by the time she got all out, she forgot what she was pissed off about! Here's the really strange thing. 

When I was around 22 years old, I was walking down the street when this old woman stopped me on the street. Your name is Alan isn't it. I said yes it is? I was one of the nurses who took care of you when you were borne. You were so tiny and weren't expected to live. All the nuns and nurses and doctors prayed you would live you were the miracle baby. I stood there on the street wile this woman threw her arms around me and cried. So, that's my claim to fame! 

or as Dick says in his novels, you will not fail! I'm happy to say I didn't and 67 years later I'm still here thank God. I got to do many amazing things in my life. I traveled on the road with a band for several years and remain friends with the girl singer.



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