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Francis "Frank" B. Cleary, D.D.S.
Wethersfield, CT 06109

Bill Langley 
to: a266ol, Danny, Doc Rio


I’ll forward this to Danny McEvoy and info Doc Rio. Pete Spencer was with Mr Hunt and Bill Langley as the primary team for Gemini V. Correction; our collar did inflate and we picked up astronauts Conrad and Cooper. Remember the rec dive with the EOD team aboard the USS Lake Champlain? We recruited their O-I-C, Aubrey Davis, and he made a career in the SEAL teams/staff and Special Boat Squadron. He is a good friend and now lives in Dothan, AL and visits our area often. 

I called Bill Bishop several years ago while visiting my daughter that was attending Wheaton College in the Chicago area. We couldn’t get together but maybe we can meet in Little Creek this July. Classes 29 and 30 will celebrate our 50th; so that means that in 2014 classes 31 and 32 will celebrate theirs. Time flies when you get older and join the down hill slide. We were young pups in 1965. 
Doug was a great teammate and is surely missed. 

Take care and God bless, 


Doc RIO,

We'd be honored with your post. The rest of the story......... 

Doug Drummond was in my platoon when Ensign Cleary was Asst. Platoon Cmdr of 3rd platoon UDT 21. Tom Keith and Bob Hrabak were also in 3rd platoon as Seamen or PO3s. Doug was with me and Mc Evoy as Swim-2 in the rescue of Gemini V. Swim-1 went first with Ltjg John Hunt, Bill Langley and a third (?) Their collar would not inflate so we got the call and all the ink in LIFE Magazine Vol 59, No 11 (Sept 10, 1965) That's my ass (the lefty) jumping out of the chopper ( SPLASHDOWN - ALL THE RECORDS SMASHED) I've tried to find the archive of this but could not - can you? By now you know how electronically cool I am NOT!! 

Fast forward now to the year 2003. Doug has had his share of hard knocks, divorced and diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Bishop and I would try to alternate calls every week. A call might sound something like this: (Doug is in the hospital for chemo at this time) "So Doug, how's the chemo going?" - "F---- that Shit, I ripped out all the ivs and blew that place off!" Another "Doug, we're all going to be in Little Creek for our 40th" - "Shit, I wont be alive!" 

Doug's ex, Carol, was his care giver through it all. We would talk a lot on the phone, but I got a call from Carol on a Friday morning in November and I knew what news she was about to impart. I organized a fund for our class, UDTR Class 32, and we all brought Carol and Tracey (their daughter who was serving a tour in US Army at the time) to our 40th Reunion, Little Creek July 2004. They were a bit nervous at first, but by the end of the weekend we were all FAMILY. 

Adios Amigo and sorry to bore you to tears with all this ancient history! 



Sun, Jun 2, 2013  <A266OL [at]  aol DOT com>

Once again it would not play - but having problems with all of my computers (4) home and office. 
On a brighter note, I introduced you to my wife Sue via Tom Keith's book SEAL WARRIOR page 183 ff - MOST Impressive!! 

The lower picture after page 136 with Bob Hrabak in the front was taken when UDT-21 deployed to St. Thomas in 1964. As a young Ensign I was the Asst. Platoon Cmdr of Platoon 3. As a young kid, Tom had absolutely NO FEAR. We went spear fishing to Virgin Gorda one Saturday and Tom throws a HUGE Moray 
eel up to me on his spear and says "Here catch, Mr. Cleary!!"

Please say hi to him when you talk. Also Tom Blais - hope he is doing well. 
Keep in touch. 
Best regards, 


Bob Hrabak - not sure if you knew him. We were in close contact when Doug Drummond died, He was in our class. Bill Bishop and I did a lot to coordinate Doug's memorial service financially and otherwise. Bill drove down from Chicago to St. Louis to be the keynote speaker. Real Biker Bar crowd who I guess never believed Doug was ever in the Teams. Bill Bishop starts his talk by saying: "My name is Bill Bishop. I am a former Platoon Cmdr of SEAL Team 2. I served two tours in Viet Nam and was awarded two purple hearts. I am here today to say good bye to Doug Drummond - a true member of our Teams in every sense of the word ..........." Great Words to let all of his biker friends know that he was The Real Deal! 

Date: 18June2013
From: Frank 
To: Rio
Subj: TIME magazine that you purchased for me has arrived in the mail!


YES!!!!!!! It just came in the mail today. Thank you so very much for doing that. To see it again in LIFE was more of a thrill than it was 48 years ago! You are a true friend and very special person to FIND it! 

Again, many many thanks,


Sue and Frank Cleary


A266OL  [at]  aol  DOT  com 
05 March 2014 
Sue & I are still laughing. Only RIO could find pictures like that. They actually bring back fun memories. Although Sue and I both come from athletic backgrounds, when we first started CW Dancing we could not dance a step.

We practiced hard and long and always considered it more a sport than anything else. Believe me, it's way more aerobic than Golf! We entered our first competition circa 1992 and competed for the next eight years. 

We were actually ranked Fifth in the World (believe me, it'a a small small world) in1998 and we won the East Coast Silver Championship (50 and over) in New York the following year. 

Fun times and we laugh about it all now but it was serious business back in the day.

Susie & Bill, Mary Hoedeman Coniaris was our dance coach for all of our 10 years of competition. Google her as  - She's COOL!!!


Click on Photo





From:   Frank Cleary
To:     Doc Riojas
Sent: 3/8/2014
Subj: UDT-21 offshore Dominican Republic 1965
Below is a picture of four great operators of the 3rd Platoon of UDT-21 when I was the Asst. Platoon Commander. It was taken on the fantail of the U.S.S. Little during our deployment to the Dominican Republic as Bill Langley describes in detail below. I hope it would merit a place in hopefully above the "Dancing Fools!" 

To: Frank Cleary
From:Bill Langley
Subj: UDT-21 offshore Dominican Republic 1965 

In April 1965 President Johnson sent a Navy Contingent down to the Dominican Republic to protect U. S. citizens. UDT-21 sent these four frogmen as part of a platoon. Ralph Diebold was from Missouri (he wrestled a circus bear and won). Ed Leasure, after retiring from the SEALs settled in Florida. Bob Harabak was from Missouri and Bill Langley was from South Carolina. Bill retired from Naval Special Warfare and Settled in the Florida Panhandle.




From:  Frank Cleary 
to:       Doc, Rio
Date:  9 Mar 2014
Subj:  Tom Blais, Jim Cook's visit during SEAL reunion in July

Thank You!! Bill Langley's picture of the boys did not come up yet, but I guess that takes a little time. 

Tom Keith learned well from his Petty Officers of the 3rd Platoon! 
Ralph Diebold was the ROCK! They arranged a wrestling match between him and a Circus Bear. The poor Bear got his ass kicked!! Ralph was THAT STRONG!!

I called Tom Blais tonight to talk about arrangements for our 50th reunion with Jim Cook, Tom, YOU and our class. Had to leave a message and asked Tom to call me back. 

Will follow up on all of that by calling him again tomorrow. Sometimes it's hard to get through. With all of my Medical issues, I have gotten closer to GOD and the Blessed Mother.

I'm trying to go to Mass or make a Visit every day this Lent.  GOD gives us what we can handle - and I'm fine with all on my plate.

My only concern is that Obamacare at some point in time is going to say that they can no longer cover the cost of my supplies  that I need and that i receive  every month, so I'll just have to die.

SORRY Old Man!! 

Stay well Doc and don't forget to turn your clocks tonight - It's Spring - but not yet here in CT!! 




To:  Doc Rio 
Subject: Ted Marks and Bill Bishop 
Date: 18 Jan 2014

I  visited with Bill Bishop at the reunion.  I told him about the Ranger Teddy story when they both were in the same Ranger Class.   Bill said  that  the bullet that caught him in the arm in Vietnam ended up in Don Tocci's gut.  Don credits Bill with saving his life. I talked to both of them about it at a reunion  . Don Tocci and Eddie Chaisson (my swim buddy) and I all live pretty close and Don is the President of our New England Chapter.

Great pix of Larry and Jake and your gang at Phippsburg.  Did Jake still have coon hounds? He used to bring them over to ST2. They were the best trained dogs in the world. Also picture of Ted Marks' house brings back sad memories as we were teammates in UDT 21. Quick story: Ted Marks and Bill Bishop were partners in Ranger School - Ranger Billy and Ranger Teddy! Advance frame to Vietnam - Ted has just arrived and Bill has been wounded. They hook up and Bill says to Ted: "Welcome to Vietnam, Ranger Teddy!" Don't know if you knew that Ted was an All American Hockey goalie for St. Lawrence Univ. and first alternate on the '64 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. I used to kid him by saying, "Ted, you don't have to be a great skater, you're a Goalie!" Ted would quickly put me in my place by saying: "Quite the contrary, Frank - The Goalie is usually the best skater on the Team!!" Great, Great GUY!!  Thanks again Doc and best wishes to all,Frank

We visited with Bill Bishop at the reunion.  I told him about the Ranger Teddy story when they both were in the same Ranger Class.   Bill said  that  the bullet that caught him in the arm in Vietnam ended up in Don Tocci's gut.  Don credits Bill with saving his life. I talked to both of them about it at a reunion  . Don Tocci and Eddie Chaisson (my swim buddy) and I all live pretty close and Don is the President of our New England Chapter.

FOR MY INFORMATION TO:   insert "Your....picture of Ted Marks house.



From: A266OL@
To: cpking629@
Subj: Master Chief Tom Blais and Reunion 

Hi Phil, 

Less than 6 weeks to our big 50!! Is Time moving faster as we age- or is it just me? Chick's sounds great for our Class dinner. I hope we can make this for Saturday evening, as some of us will not be arriving until late Friday night. We'll be at Founders Inn and thank you and Chuck and GG for putting all of that together for us. I also think I sent you a picture of Class 30 last year at Chick's - sent to me either by Bill Langley or Larry Bailey or maybe Tom Keith? - anyway all thumbs up for Chicks!!! 

RE: Louie Di Croce: With the help of my old SEAL Team 2 buddy, Doc RIO, we FOUND LOUIE!! He's in a VA Hospital in the D.C. area. I've called him twice - difficult as you might imagine. In one of the calls I asked his head nurse if she thought Louie might be able to attend a NAVY SEAL Class Reunion? Her Answer: "OH, I don't think SO!!" Anyway, I will have Louie's contact telephone numbers, and I promised him that we would ALL give him a CALL!! You know Phil, it's SO hard to try to talk to Louie - BUT, after the talk, you feel so good about it. The nurse told me "You know, Sir - You have MADE HIS DAY!" We'll ALL CALL in JULY!! 

RE: Instructor Tom Blais: Phil, How hard is it for all of us to see the "Heart and Soul" Driving Force Instructor - the only human that could have possibly gotten all of us Lugs through Training - and still kept raising THE BAR!! How hard is it for all of us to see Tom failing! I've spoken to Eva and Maria (RI) on the phone several times. They are TWO beautiful young women trying their very best to take care of their Dad. Phil, I had a wonderful talk with RI last week talking about my visit to ST2 and hanging out with her brother, Rock for almost Two hours - What an OUTSTANDING Young Man!! 

Tom Blais DEMANDED PERFECTION from ALL of his STUDENTS - AND He got it and MORE!! From his wonderful son, Rock, that is to say LCDR Rock, XO of only the greatest TEAM on the Planet, to Eva and Ri, and to all of us Lugs who Tom Blais, single handedly turned us into the "Best Fighting Force in the World"" a very big: 





Frank and Sue Cleary C&W Dancing Champtions





From: Frank Cleary
To: Doc Riojas
Date: 2july2014
Subj: Timmy Jones

Doc Rio,

Timmy was Asst. Platoon Cmdr of 4th Platoon UDT21 when Chris Bent was Platoon Cmdr.
However, Danny McEvoy, Bill Langley, Tom Keith and I were getting all the ink because
3rd Platoon was The Best!!   Eddie Chiasson was my swim buddy all through Training -
 hellova Guy!!

  We still remain close friends. He is a retired Mass. Statie. He's come
down to stay at our house a couple of times. One visit Eddie and our oldest son Kevin closed
the Cleary Pool bar planning a deep sea fishing trip.

  The old Doc had a full load of
patients the next day, and whimped out early.



Frank Cleary about Timmy Jones and Chris Bent;  UDT-21





Roy Dean Matthews, Doc Riojas, Bob "Eagle" Gallagher, Glen Grinnage, Jim "Patches" Watson at his home BAR



              Eward M. Davis                                                                                     Terry Sullivan


Blackwater NOT Guilty



Gary ?





Lowell Gosser                                                                                               Jim Watson

Erasmo Riojas     and    Terry "Jonesy" Jones



??, Tom Blaios, Rudy Boesch, Tom Hawkins, "Pete" Peterson, Erasmo Riojas, Tom Keith  Sitting:  ??






Benghazi KIA abandoned                                                  Bill Dawson and Larry Lasky


Charles Awkuardo      Erasmo Riojas      Robert Bornmann   MDs


Art and Don Stone  "BuddyLine" editors


Brian W. CKUrle





??                                        CHris Heben                                             Bill Langley                                                Edward Starkey


FW:  Bob Schaedler's Buddies  BackRow:  Lt -Rt: Bob Cramer, Joe DeFloria, Larry Jones*, John Fitsch, Terryk Fowler.   Front Row: Lt-Rt: CHuck Allen, Bob Schaedler, Bill Miller, Frank Toms    * indicates NOT class 36WC, bkut still prettyk good guys



Bob Thomas and 1991 All Navy 1st Team


Bob Thomas with Red ear muffs



Chris Kyle


Bob Clark   Doc Riojas    Bo Burwell


Collin trent Thomas



Dr robert C. Bornmann                                           Dustin Turner


Eric Greitens       and  Fred Miller



Eric Greitens Book:  started reading this book and i could not put it down !     Doc Riojas

 THE HEART AND THE FIST shares one man’s story of extraordinary leadership and service as both a humanitarian and a warrior. In a life lived at the raw edges of the human experience, Greitens has seen what can be accomplished when compassion and courage come together in meaningful service. 

As a Rhodes Scholar and Navy SEAL, Greitens worked alongside volunteers who taught art to street children in Bolivia and led US Marines who hunted terrorists in Iraq. He’s learned from nuns who fed the destitute in one of Mother Teresa’s homes for the dying in India, from aid workers who healed orphaned children in Rwanda, and from Navy SEALs who fought in Afghanistan. He excelled at the hardest military training in the world, and today he works with severely wounded and disabled veterans who are rebuilding their lives as community leaders at home. 

Greitens offers each of us a new way of thinking about living a meaningful life. We learn that to win any war, even those we wage against ourselves; to create and obtain lasting peace; to save a life; and even, simply to live with purpose requires us—every one of us—to be both good and strong.

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Greg Mathleson                                       Homer Nearpass


Jeff Biggs Wobig


Jim gray



Doc Riojas   and   Terry Jones



Richard Kaiser                               "Jose" Taylor                         Adm Losey



Brian Losey



Adm. Losey















  Erasmo Riojas, Terry Jones, Gerry Flowers

James Suh Family Interview 

This interview was conducted with Claudia Suh, the sister of Navy SEAL James Suh, in June 2010. James was part of the rescue team going in to save Michael Murphy’s four-man SEAL team that was pinned down by an overwhelming number of Taliban fighters in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. He was killed in action when his helicopter was shot down by an rpg. This is his story…..

                                                                                                                              James Suh

Commanding Officers SEAL Team SIX 

 ?Commander Richard Marcinko – Nov 1980 to July 1983 ?

Captain Robert A. Gormly – 1983 to 1986 ?

Captain Thomas E. Murphy – 1986 to 1987 ?

Captain Richard T.P. Woolard – 1987 to 1990 ?

Captain Ronald E. Yeaw – 1990 to 1992 ?

Captain Thomas G. Moser – 1992 to 1994 ?

Admiral Eric T. Olson – 1994 to 1997 ?

Vice Admiral Albert M. Calland III – June 1997 to June 1999 ?

Vice Admiral Joseph D. Kernan – 1999 to 2002 ?

Rear Admiral Edward G. Winters, III – 2002 to 2004 ?

Captain Eric Prescott ?

Rear Admiral Brian L. Losey


Leonard A. Riley

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Leonard Riley, 62, of Wimberly, TX on 17 July 2011.

 Leonard graduated with BUD/S Training Class 61 in Coronado on 25 June 1971 and served with Underwater Demolition Team TWELVE and SEAL Team FOUR.

 Leonard was interred at Arlington National Cemetary on 26 October 2011. For those of you who would like to visit and pay your respects, the location of his interment is Section 00, Column 26, Niche 2 at the East Niche Wall in Section 70.


                                                                                   Leonard A. Riley 


Leonard A. Riley

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Leonard Riley, 62, of Wimberly, TX on 17 July 2011.

 Leonard graduated with BUD/S Training Class 61 in Coronado on 25 June 1971 and served with Underwater Demolition Team TWELVE and SEAL Team FOUR.

 Leonard was interred at Arlington National Cemetary on 26 October 2011. For those of you who would like to visit and pay your respects, the location of his interment is Section 00, Column 26, Niche 2 at the East Niche Wall in Section 70.































R. William Vogel

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of R. William Vogel, 96, on 01 May 2013 in Cincinnati, OH. Bill was an early graduate of NCD Training at Fort Pierce, Florida and served with NCDU-110 and Underwater Demolition Team SEVEN during WWII. click on the below link for more information:, on 01 May 2013 in Cincinnati, OH. Bill was an early graduate of NCD Training at Fort Pierce, Florida and served with NCDU-110 and Underwater Demolition Team SEVEN during WWII. click on the below link for more information:


Campton, Ronald M. 

Ronald M. Campton, 80, of Marshall, IL, and former resident of Scottsdale, AZ passed away May 2, 2013 at his home. He was born Dec. 6, 1932 at Washington, IN, the son of Roberta Tabler and Ernest Campton. After high school he joined the Navy, served with Underwater Demolition Team ONE, and was a Korean War veteran. On Oct. 1, 1955

Ventura dangles idea of 2016 presidential bid 
Published: May 31, 2013 


Despicable: Cockroach Jesse Ventura suing wife of slain SEAL Chris Kyle 

Posted  May 31, 2013 by Twitchy Staff |


Raw: Navy SEALS run Zodiac boat inside helicopter 

By Jim Cobb, Published: May 24, 2013 











Memorial Day 2012




click on each photo to enlarge it !




From:  The Military Times:  Faces of the Fallen  May 28, 2012

Statistics Here:  The Washington POST

The Military Times


Faces of the Fallen in War against Terrorism




                                    Benjamin Smith                                                                                                                    Chris Gonczlik                                                           











Justin Legg Navy SEAL takes on half-marathon with donated lungs                          Dave LaConte


                                         Dave LaConte                                                     Don Shipley


                 Dan  ??                                                                         Adm. William McRaven,


              Doc Riojas, Mac ,  Roger GUerra                                                    Larry Bailey


                                                                           Don Belcher    &   Don Marler


                          Jonas Kelsall                                                                          Carl Higbie


                                                 Riojas & Fred Miller                                                                               Michael Oyer


                                                                                     Bob Nissley   &  Harry Humphries


                                                                            Ryan Zinke


                                                         Roy Dean Matthews


                                                                      ?? ,   Doc Riojas,  John Frish




                                                                  Don Mann





SEALs Battle for Hearts, Minds and Speedy Paychecks,ASIA NEWS Updated August 29, 2012 

From: Jacob Crabb 
To: Doc Riojas
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2012
Subject: Re: My time overseas... 

Article is attached in case the WSJ article didn't cooperate... 

We recently had a Wall Street Journalist come out to visit and the below is a hyperlink to her story. I sat on the panel she interviewed and this story very well lays out one facet of what I do on a day-to-day basis. It captures a small portion of the frustrations I have dealt with over the past 8 months. When the Afghan system of payment fails I manage small teams who respond to these crises and expeditiously make payments to prevent the locals from quitting or going back to the Taliban. We cover three provinces and have even more red tape than the Afghan government. It is increasingly difficult to get money allocated when the larger strategic mission for Afghanistan is focused on drawing down. Other than the Australians (who have had a bad week) there are virtually no other coalition or U.S. forces in this area as it is next to impossible to move or operate because of the strong Taliban ties with the scattered, rural populace. I have broken bread with many of the men mentioned in this story. 

The only ones that were named are the ones taking the greatest risks out here. All of them have bounties on their heads and most hold positions where their predecessors were assassinated. While most are very corrupt their loyalties are to their families and tribes, not to the Government of Afghanistan. When we leave, this area will most likely be carved up by the richest people with the most guns. Our problems are not an accurate reflection of the country as a whole. Most areas have better government oversight, more troops, contractors, and infrastructure. Here most people cannot read or write and rarely travel outside of their valleys. It truly is the wild wild west.












BOND MARK RAY 007    a   GulfCoast SEAL










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                      RICK SPRINGS  BUD/S Class 75

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 
From: Rick Springs <rdsprings21  [at] gmail  DOT com>
To:     Doc Riojas    docrio45  [at] gmail  DOT  com
Good morning Doc, 

I slept in this morning and just now looking at my email. I was hoping to see one for you. Sorry for being impatient, I get that way when it's an important matter. 

Just in case you didn't get my last email, I don't have a copy of any of the old directories from our UDT/SEAL Association. Anyway, because of a move, I don't know where the last one is. I have been out of the Association the last couple of years and just recently joined again. 

Please send me your address so I can drop a check in the mail. As fellow Christians, we help one another. You have helped many with your web site and the sharing of memories. 

God led you to this ministry. You have been faithful and our Lord Heavenly Father wants you to know that you have supported him for many years and that He appreciates your work. 

This is more than a hobby you have: it's a ministry! 

We haven't met, at least yet anyway, but I know we will become friends. 

God Bless You my Friend, 

Rick Springs

from;  Rick Springs
to;      Erasmo Doc Riojas <> 
date;   Mon, Feb 27, 2012 
subject: Thanks for the address, Doc. But just to let you know; "pay-backs are hell!" :) 

I've attached our class photo and a few pictures of our class from training. I've also added few pictures from my days with UDT-21, 3rd platoon under Lt. Waterman and Lt. Dilly. from 1974 -1976. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos. Since I have several photos. I'll send 3 at a time in different emails so I don't overload any system. But, please, only use the ones you think are important that give the message we are trying to convey. But the picture of Bob Baird and Dave Tash, with Bob on the left and Dave on the right, just before training broke out, with their cans of beer; is a must! 

These two men were the back-bone of Class 75. I have also attached a letter to you telling you a little about our Class and a God story about Randy and Kathleen. This is just a snapshot. You'll see where I'm going on this. Not only are we warriors; but most important; we are followers of Christ.

 You have my full permission, as well as Kathleen Herrera's, Randy's fiancée, to post on your website the attached documents and photographs. There are also a couple pictures of us folding the Flags for Randy. Just like our class picture; look for the best looking guy and that will be me! :) I give out those instructions a lot and most of the time people still get it wrong! :( 

This is all what I'll be sending you today. I'll send you the rest tomorrow. Remember about paybacks? 

Blessings to you my friend, 


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Sept. 27, 22012

Dear Doc RIOJAS,

 Attached is the graduation photograph of Class 75, taken February 11, 1974. I have only touched it up by adding our names. This is before you could take BUD/S Training from a correspondence course. There is no question; we were the last hard class I have a few other pictures I can mail to you, or send by email, if you like? You put out an earlier photo of the 9 of us, from our class of 16, when we met together for the first time in 38 years. That was at "The Muster," held at the UDT/SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. We met over Veterans Day weekend this past November. I think you posted that picture on page 16.   


Catching up on where we were back then: This past September, we lost Bob Baird, our honor man from Class 75. Bob's death inspired us to get back together again as a class. Bob was an amazing man and classmate. He, along with another officer, Dave Tash, were inseparable. You wouldn't say one name without the other's name attached. As they were best friends in training; they remained best friends for life. They were the glue that held us together. We were a good class regardless, but we became a great class because of them. We loved those guys. They understood leadership; they treated us as brothers; which we became.  Then, just a month ago, on January 26, 2012, we lost our second classmate, Randy Siville. Randy was on active duty for 4 years during the mid 70's and served with ST-l and ST-2 before going into the reserves for another 4 years. Randy died from a brain tumor that came on suddenly. It was Jan 6, 2012, when we learned of Randy's demise. We had about three weeks to be with him before he passed on. He reached to out to us first and we answered his call. No man left behind.   


Going back to September and October of 2011, when we were trying to locate the rest of our class to advise them of Bob Baird's passing, I talked to Randy. Randy was fine, nothing on the radar screen, no indication of anything wrong and no prior history of brain cancer. I hadn't seen or talked with him in over 37 years. Randy told that me that he had lost his wife to cancer just over a year ago. He had been taking care of her for five years, with the last two years administering to her total care from home, as that's where she wanted to spend her final days. Randy told me that he was just getting his life back together and he was working out again. He was also in the process of selling his home and finding a new place to live. He was moving on and starting a new life. He was sorry that he wouldn't be able to join us for the class reunion, but promised he would make it to our next one. Randy had also recently talked with Bob Baird at the  UDT/SEALreunion in San Diego. Like all of us, he loved Bob Baird. He was grieved by the loss. When they had last talked, he challenged Bob to a race. Bob was the top runner and athlete in our class. I have been told that the records he set at BUD/S and within the TEAMS stood for many years. He was something special. However, Dale Vick was another amazing athlete, coming in second, and closely behind him was Randy Siville. That being said; and 38 years since our last training run; it would have been a great race!                                                          


 I was fortunate to be able to talk with Randy and his promised wife, Kathleen, on November 6, 2011.  By this time he was home from the hospital. Boxes were everywhere, as the day he was in surgery; the moving company was dropping off the boxes and all the stuff. Nobody saw it coming. Regardless, Randy wanted to go home for his passing. By this time, Randy was basically paralyzed from the neck down. Again, back in November, when we were looking for our classmates, Randy was fine. I later learned that he had been a little over tired, but that was about it. When I talked with Randy, he asked me if I remembered the story he told me a couple months ago about wanting to race Bob? I told him I did. He said, "I'm going to have that race with Bob up in heaven. You can also tell the rest of the guys that I'm going to be on the welcoming committee as they arrive up here." I asked him if he wanted the rest of the guys to call, and he said he did. One by one our classmates called. Each reported back basically the same thing: "Randy will do most of the talking; he will tire quickly but the blessing will be all ours." Kathleen took care of Randy like he had done for his prior wife.   

Like what we did for Bob, our class bought Randy a brick at the museum, a plant, as Randy requested:  "Something that is green and hard to kill that I can enjoy while I'm here." The last request he made was for 7 flags that he could give to his grandchildren. He wanted them to know that he was a Navy SEAL and they could be proud of him. He had already reached that mark without being a Navy SEAL. So, that's where the flags come in and my different groups of guys folding the flag. Some of these men served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and one of them, all 3. Randy finished strong and our class was with him at the end.             

     /s/   Blessings  Rick Springs




                                                                Robert H. Constante Jr. Bobby , 60 yo, graduated with BUD/S Class 59 in Coronado, California in February of 1971. Following graduation, he served with Underwater Demolition Team ELEVEN.        May he R.I.P.




           ST-1 SEALs  'nam                                                            Tom Blais &* Mike Naus


                                                                              Naval Beach Group


        Christopher Campbell                 Mark T. Carter                          Rudy Boesch      


                                                                Larry Teordine & Bob Holmes


                                                                   Louvenia Dad's Daughter


                                                       Clint Bruce



 Gary Chamberlin  R.I.P.


On Thu, Feb 16,
James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3 <jack.b.james  [at]  navy  DOT mil>

In Memory of Gary James Chamberlin January 6, 1947 - September 29, 2011 Obituary GARY JAMES CHAMBERLIN, 64, of Las Vegas, passed away September 29, 2011. He was born in Butte, Montana, January 06, 1947. He was a retired Senior Chief of the United States Navy. 

  Team - this makes me sick and sad.  As a new - young SEAL, Gary was one of my mentors.  He trained me.  I was in his platoon when he was the LPO and later on, we were both in the ST-1 Training Cell.  He was the "operators - operator".  Vietnam Vet.  He retired as a SCPO.  But I do not think he did any time at ST-2, as it mentions below. 

 One of my favorite stories of his, was about crossing the beach in Vietnam and sliding a thermite grenade down the barrel of a N.V. tank!  I do not care if it was true or not - I believe it, and Gary remains one of my heroes! 

 He did a great tour of duty in Australia in the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) with the Australian SAS.  Gary had a nephew in the Teams with the same last name, but I do not remember the first name.  I do not see the name in the Association Directory.  I do remember that he retired as a Master Chief and had served at ST-1 also.  I think. 

 The last time I saw Gary was in Pearl Harbor HI.  He was training DON Police Officers in small arms, I believe.  He looked like he was doing fine.  However, that was about 1990-91. 

 I know Mike Faketty remembers Gary; so does Mike Howard, as well as Dave Kohler.  (Gary Chamberlin, Billy Allmon, Lenord Rielly, and Jack James were some of the characters in the ST-1 Training Cell back in the day). 

Gary Chamberlin was a living legacy of our SEAL Vietnam heritage.  He was a living - "Act of Valor".

Cheers, Hoo-Yah, and God bless Gary Chamberlin's soul -
the heart and soul of a warrior!
 V/R  Jackal James 

 P.S. I could not access/open the Gary J. Chamberlin Obituary.  If someone else can, please forward to me.  Thanks.

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From:James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor,N3 
to: William, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, David, Chuck,

Doc Rio,
You mentioned that you wanted a photo for your web site. I hope that you can open the attachment.  Below is the e-mail with details of the picture that I sent Billy Allmon. 

Whatever you do, please ensure that it is very respectful of Gary Chamberlin.  Okay? 

P.S. It defies logic to have Navy SEAL's in the same uniform, at the same time! 

Hoo-Yah, Jack James 

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From: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
To: 'William Allmon' 

Billy, Picture attached.  Hope that you can open it. It is the only picture I found in my photo album, that had Gary in it. I believe the time was 1982-1983.  The location is Camp Kerry Niland, CA. Pictured left to right: (ST-1 Training Cell or "Echo Platoon") Steve (Cowboy) Wells Mike Turcott Gary Chamberlin Jack James Moore (I do not remember the first name) Leonard Riley Billy Allmon 

I remember why we took the picture.  The CO of ST-1 at the time was Paul Plumb, and he wanted a picture of every platoon to hang in the ST-1 classroom.  I do not remember if that ever happened.  But here is the picture. 

I also remember that the ST-1 Training cell was always the "Training Cell", but at some point in our time, Paul Plumb wanted the training cell to have a platoon designator, and I believe it was "Echo Platoon".  And I remember that freaked Leonard Reilly out, because he was convinced that meant that we would be deployed.  Never happened. 

I went into Bravo Platoon as the AOIC with Wayne Voits, and you and Leonard went to Spanish Language School, then to ST-4. 

I miss Gary. 

Cheers and Hoo-Yah, Jack James  

David Kohler to Jack, me, William, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, Chuck Yep, that's Chambo alright, just the way I remember him.  In addition to his grim reaper "Follow Me!" tattoo on his shoulder blade, I remember that he always tucked in his camou blouse/shirt into his pants.  The rest of us did when jumping, but Chambo did it all the time.  He also always wore that small size camou hat on top of his head or tilted a little forward.  He definitely had his trademarks. 

 Cheers,  Dave K

From: Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo) ccardamo  [at]  cisco  DOT  com
to: Jack, William, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, David, Jack, 

Chambo took over as Echo Platoon (Mike Howard's platoon) Chief when we needed a replacement in 1982 I believe he flew in from the US to the PI to take over.
In the interest of sharing, here are a couple pictures with Chambo as our Platoon Chief for ST1 Echo Platoon in the Phillipines.
Unfortunately not many of us wanted our pictures taken and we did not yet have the quality/quantity is what it is. 

Chuck Cardamon 

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From: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3 [mailto: jack.b.james  [at] navy  DIT mil]
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 
To: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas
Cc: William Allmon; CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret); David Pittelkow; Thomas Kleehammer; Cabel, Daniel J CIV NSWC Crane, QXP; Pete Slempa;; David Kohler; Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo)
Subject: Gary Chamberlin; ST-1 Training Cell; 1982-83 

Doc, You mentioned that you wanted a photo for your web site. I hope that you can open the attachment. Below is the e-mail with details of the picture that I sent Billy Allmon. 

Whatever you do, please ensure that it is very respectful of Gary Chamberlin. Okay? 

P.S. It defies logic to have Navy SEAL's in the same uniform, at the same time! 

Hoo-Yah, Jack James 

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From: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
To: 'William Allmon' 


Picture attached.
Hope that you can open it. It is the only picture I found in my photo album, that had Gary in it. I believe the time was 1982-1983. The location is Camp Kerry Niland, CA. Pictured left to right: (ST-1 Training Cell or "Echo Platoon") Steve (Cowboy) Wells Mike Turcott Gary Chamberlin Jack James Moore (I do not remember the first name) Leonard Riley Billy Allmon 

I remember why we took the picture. The CO of ST-1 at the time was Paul Plumb, and he wanted a picture of every platoon to hang in the ST-1 classroom. I do not remember if that ever happened. But here is the picture. 

I also remember that the ST-1 Training cell was always the "Training Cell", but at some point in our time, Paul Plumb wanted the training cell to have a platoon designator, and I believe it was "Echo Platoon". And I remember that freaked Leonard Reilly out, because he was convinced that meant that we would be deployed. Never happened. 

I went into Bravo Platoon as the AOIC with Wayne Voits, and you and Leonard went to Spanish Language School, then to ST-4. 

I miss Gary. 

Cheers and Hoo-Yah, Jack James 

Reply to all: Forward Reply David Kohler to Chuck, Jack, William, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, me show details
Yeah, whatever happened to those days when nobody wanted their picture taken?
Now they are starring in movies for the big screen. Ridiculous! "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." 


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From: Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo) [mailto:ccardamo [at] cisco DOT com]

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 
To: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3
Cc: William Allmon; CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret); David Pittelkow; Thomas Kleehammer; Cabel, Daniel J CIV NSWC Crane, QXP; Pete Slempa; - Show quoted text - 
Reply Reply to all: Forward Reply Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo) to David, Jack, William, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj,

They know not what they do...but I get to see them on the big screen this Friday in a special showing. The DC area SEALs were invited to the Alamo Draft House Cinema in Winchester, VA for a preview (like a lot of other SEAL opportunities) before the "official opening" right after our event. 


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From: David Kohler [mailto:d.r.kohler  [at]   att  DOT  net]
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 
To: Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo); 'James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3'
Cc: 'William Allmon'; 'CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret)'; 'David Pittelkow'; 'Thomas Kleehammer'; 'Cabel, Daniel J CIV NSWC Crane, QXP'; 'Pete Slempa'; westfallj  [at]  pioneernet  DOT  net; 'Erasmo "Doc" Riojas' 
Subject: RE: Gary Chamberlin; ST-1 Training Cell/Echo Platoon 1982-83 

Yeah, whatever happened to those days when nobody wanted their picture taken? Now they are starring in movies for the big screen. Ridiculous! "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." 


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From: Chuck Cardamon (ccardamo) [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 
To: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3 Cc: William Allmon; CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret); David Pittelkow; Thomas Kleehammer; Cabel, Daniel J CIV NSWC Crane, QXP; Pete Slempa;; David Kohler; Erasmo "Doc" Riojas
Subject: RE: Gary Chamberlin; ST-1 Training Cell/Echo Platoon 1982-83 


William Allmon usn5326 [at] gmail DOT com 
to: Chuck, David, Jack, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, 

SEALs invited to a special showing? What a great way for a terrorist to hit a bunch of SEALs and their families...
Hope to God it does not happen. 


Cheers, Billy Allmon





William Allmon to David, Jack, me, CAPT, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, 
Yeah.. I figured as much...
Except I don't think he and I will be at the pearly gates! 

On Feb 21, 2012, 
"David Kohler"

I imagine you better be prepared for a transfer at the Pearly Gates. 

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From: William Allmon 
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
To: David Kohler 
Cc: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3; ErasmoDoc Riojas; CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN(Ret); David Pittelkow; Thomas Kleehammer; Cabel, Daniel J CIV NSWC Crane, QXP; Pete Slempa; Chuck Cardamon 
Subject: Re: Gary Chamberlin; ST-1 Training Cell; 1982-83 

Hi Dave!

 I have his hat. Not sure what to do with it. When I left ST-1 he gave it to me and said to keep a record of the places that I have been with it, and one day he will ask for it back.... 

I'll keep waiting. 

On Feb 21, 2012, "David Kohler" wrote: 

Yep, that's Chambo alright, just the way I remember him.

 In addition to his grim reaper "Follow Me!" tattoo on his shoulder blade, I remember that he always tucked in his camou blouse/shirt into his pants. The rest of us did when jumping, but Chambo did it all the time.

 He also always wore that small size camou hat on top of his head or tilted a little forward. He definitely had his trademarks. 

Cheers, Dave K

From:  CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret)
to: David, William, Jack, me, David, Thomas, Daniel, Pete, westfallj, Chuck 

any chance you would give his hat to the Museum? I'm already working a special "Chambo" display in my head! Hope you're doing well mate. Been a long time. 


                                     'Act of Valor' the movie

from: James, Jack B CIV NBK Bangor, N3 jack.b.james  [at]  navy  DOT mil
to:     ErasmoDoc Riojas <docrio45  [at] gmail  DOT  com>date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012 
subject: 'Act of Valor' and the Navy SEAL By Jack James Special to Navigator ,Bremerton     

I am an ex-Navy SEAL, retiring in 2007. I was recently able to see the first showing of the movie "Act of Valor" at the Admiral Theater in Bremerton. I know that the movie was directed at a target audience of young men who play military/combat oriented video games. The original intention of the movie was for recruiting purposes and I believe the film showed a good representation of the entire U.S. Navy. 

The first scene, of the platoon conducting free-fall parachute training over the San Diego area made me homesick for Coronado. The last scene depicting the death and funeral of one of the characters was heartbreaking. The rest of the movie was action packed, a little too action packed for my old eyes to keep up. The close-quarter combat scenes filmed with gun and helmet cameras were awesome and gave you the feel of everything, but the actual recoil of the rifle. The Riverine Craft fire-support scene and the others depicting the actions of our Special Warfare Combatant Craft (SWCC) crewmen spoke very well of our SWCC personnel and the emphasis on total teamwork. 

The underlying theme of the movie asks the question, "Could you perform an act of valor? Do you have the courage, honor, and commitment to die to yourself for love of your family and friends. for the "Brotherhood"? 

There are approximately 80 to 90 former Navy SEAL's in the three State region of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Most are Vietnam vets, a few are retired from the Navy, and some only served one tour of duty. But those ranks are full of real American heroes. We have two or three members who are "Plank Owners" of the original SEAL Team One, San Diego. We have members who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all around the world. 

Where do SEAL's come from? Typically, they come from average American suburban home lives. Usually they are average athletes and students. The difference is. desire of the heart. Physical size does not really matter. It is all about the "fire in the gut", the fierce desire to achieve and succeed, and to be a strong member of a strong team. A desire to be valued added in the service of this country. They want to serve something bigger than themselves. They want to make a difference and serve with others of the "Brotherhood" of warriors.

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                                              Gary Chamberlain


                                                 Richard E. Cyrus

I graduated from class 35 in Little Creek in 1965. I spent 2 years in UDT-22 before going to Seal Team 2 in 1967. From 67 to 71 was the fun time in Vietnam. 

Silver Star, Navy/Marine Corps Life Saving Medal, Bronze Star with Combat "V"(three awards), Purple Heart (2 awards), Navy Commendation Medal with "V" (5 awards),Navy Achievment Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and Many Others.


         Richard & Daugher Loren

Dick Cyrus buying a pancho liner


Dick Cyrus and Lil Rio




richard cyrus r.ecyrus  [at] yahoo  DOT  com DOT  ph
to: docrio45  [at]  gmail DOT  com
date Sat, Jun 11, 2011 
subject Up Date, Dick Cyrus from the P.I.

Rio,       Well I am leaving for another job next week I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures from my last trip. I think I told you I am going to Sri Lanka to meet the ship. The company has rented a big house there for the team to live instead of renting hotels. This job is a 1 year contract. I think I am going to be the Team Leader for my group, as well as Instructor for all people in the company. I'll talk to you before I go.

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March 4, 2011,

Patty Schwalenberg ,

Telephoned me yesterday with the news that Wally Schwalenberg  died on Tuesday (I think). They were down in Mexico on a diving vacation and he had trouble breathing.

 They got him up to the boat and he died en route to shore. Patty was very upset as should be expected and was working to get his body back to Wisconsin. 

The service in next Tuesday in upstate Wisconsin. Patty asked me to take part in the service and of course I accepted. I've gotten ahold of Warmack & Brechtel and plan to email W.D. 

If you can contact any others in class 35 please do.

That is all I know at this time. 

Dick Pouliot


From: Chip Detmer <detmer  [at}  jeol DOT com>
To: wdusne9ret <wdusne9ret  [at]  aol  DOT com>
Cc: chuck detmer, doc Rio
Sent: Sat, Mar 5, 2011
Subject: Son's First Jump 

Mr. WD, See below for the 'Seal Story' my father wanted to send you:    Regards, Chip. 

Son’s First Jump 

A group of us SEALs from SEAL Team TWO were busy preparing our gear for a day of parachuting. While we were waiting for the aircraft to show up, one of the guys just back from dog handling school arrived on the scene. Our interest quickly focused on his dog, as his handler had him rigged out in a harness and intended to jump with him. 

We all knew Army dogs were dropped by parachute, but we never had the opportunity to see the equipment up close. The harness fit firmly around the dog’s body, but head, tail and legs, were free to move normally. It had two clips located on the dog’s back, one just forward of the hind legs, the other right over the front legs. The clips would be attached to the rings at the handler’s waist that held his reserve parachute. The dog would hang from the handler’s middle, parallel to the ground. 

After the handler’s parachute opened the two clips would be released, allowing the dog to drop on a line and dangle twenty feet below his handler. This lessened the chances either of them would be hurt when they hit the ground. We all noticed that the dog didn’t have a muzzle, and since we would share the close quarters of a bouncing, noisy airplane with a 95 lb. German Shepherd just back from Attack School, we all voiced our concern. 

The handler just laughed and, hugging the dog, said “Son is just a big baby and wouldn’t hurt a flea unless I told him to.” As if on cue, Son visited each of us, licking and rubbing against us as if he understood our apprehension and wanted to quell our fears. We all felt much better, but decided… just to be polite, mind you… we’d let Son be last on and first out of the plane. 

The plane arrived, and we all loaded aboard, eager to jump and to witness Son’s first jump. That dog was not at all bothered by the noise, dust, and fumes produced by the plane’s engines. He was just flat enjoying being one of the guys and, especially, being attached so closely to his handler. Son seemed to enjoy everything about the flight. Since he was closest to the open door, he got a good aerial view of Virginia as we gained altitude on our approach to the drop zone.

 However, Son’s enjoyment changed first to concern, then to down right panic, when his foolish handler gotdangerously close to the open door. Trying to alert his handler, Son began to nipat him. With the drop zone right below us, the handler decided the best way to handle Son’s panic was to get out of the plane as quickly as possible. But, the harder the handler tried to get out the door, the more Son tried to prevent this disastrous mistake by biting, scratching, clawing, and I swear, going spread eagle to keep from fitting through the door. The more strenuous Son’s objections became, the better my imitation of wallpaper got. 

Neither I, nor any of the other heroes onboard, were foolhardy enough to offer the handler any help. In fact, had the dog shot me a quizzical glance to find out whose side I was on…I’d have gone to scratching and biting that handler too. Finally, the handler, with one last desperate swipe,knocked the dog’s front feet free of the door, andboth tumbled out into space. The actions I’ve just described took only a few seconds, but I’m sure they seemed a lot longer to both dog and handler. 

The rest of us quickly exited the plane, without incident, eager to see what would happen next. As we fell, we quickly maneuvered to get a look at how the dog was reacting to his jump. If Son acted relieved when his parachute opened, I missed it. I did see that after the handler disconnected the clip holding the dogs rear, each effort to release the remaining clip was repelled by a blur of teeth that made any battle I’d seen on “Wild Kingdom” seem as tame as a roll in the hay. Starting by disconnecting the tail clip turned out to be a big mistake:  this put the biting end of that95 lb. bone grinder in the best position to defend what he thought was his last link with survival. Finally, despite bites and scratches, too many to count, the handler was able to drop Son to the twenty-foot line and finally have some relief from the panicked dog.

 The handler was a sight: his clothes were in tatters, his hands bloody, and to add insult to injury, running down his uniform front was obvious evidence of the dog’s panic. Both dog and handler seemed relieved to be separated by the twenty-foot line and soothed by their gentle descent to the ground. The dog,of course, landed before his handler and shook himself in relief to have his feet finally planted firmly on the ground. The handler landed a second later and the dog seemed perfectly willing to forgive and forget. I watched a scene much like you’d see in a love story.

You know: two young lovers running toward each other her hair flowing, etc.. Just as the joyous reunion was about to take place, the parachute landed, covering them both, again panicking the dog and producing a final flurry of bites. Remarkably, despite all that had happened, it was only minutes before the bond between man and dog worked its magic, and Son and his handler were again completely enthralled with each other. The Handler was: Wally Swallenburg! Who went through UDTR Class #35 little Creek, VA. 1965 With myself and 23 other men. 

By: Chuck Detmer

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Wally Schwalenberg 




                                          Wally Schwalenberg  and  Richard Cyrus Wally Schwalenberg  and  Richard Cyrus


                 Donald McFaul                              Nguyen H oang Minh & Wife


                                         U.S.Navy SEAL Interpreter





---- Original Message -----
From: John Donovan
To: mcdavitt_fred;; doc riojas
Cc: peter.huchthausen ; taz_diemtrang
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 
Subject: Nguyen Hoang Minh 


As you know, I have been working to track down Minh recently. I think I have found him living outside of My Tho. (see below email from Lung's daughter Trang who lives in the Dallas area). Lung is the co-author of "Echo's of the Mekong" with Peter Huchthausen and knows Minh and has kept in touch over the years. He was a great help to all of us who worked with him--both on the river as an interpreter and late with Seal Team 2. 

The purpose of the is email is to see if we can help Minh and his family emigrate to the US--He has been unable to do so because he lacks documentation that he served with the US Forces. I believe we can help by writing letters confirming his service with both the River Sections (531, etc. and Seal Team Two from 1967 to 1971. I intend to contact Minh directly to get more info. as to how we can help. As you may know, this is a common issue for many So. Vietnamese Vets who served with us without any remaining records of their service 

In the mean time if you can help find any other Seal Team officers that might be able to write a letter for Minh--He mentions some names Boink (would this be Moose Boitnott??) Murphy, Quiet, Shutman, Bishop, Woolard .

--Doc, If you have any contact that worked with Minh in Seal Team 2-- and could verify his service that would be great. 

--Fred, I know you told me a story about how you "hired" Minh to work for the PBR's--and if you could write a letter confirming this that would be helpful. I will do the same for the time after you left in March 1967.. 

I have been wondering about Minh for the last 40 years..He was a close friend and a tremendous asset on the boats. 

Best regards, John J. Donovan

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-----Original Message-----
From: Pete Peterson 
To: Doc Riojas    docrio45 [at] gmail  DOT com
Cc: John Donovan 
Sent: Tue, 6 May 2008 
Subject: Re: Nguyen Hoang Minh 

Letter certifying the employment of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh as an operational interpreter. 

During the time period October 1967 through March 1968 I was the platoon officer for the Seventh Platoon of SEAL Team Two. The Platoon was assigned to the US Navy River Patrol Force in My Tho, RVN. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh worked for the platoon as an operational interpreter.

 In this capacity he accompanied the platoon on operational missions and provided on scene combat interpreter services. Mr. Minh was a key member of the platoon and made very important contributions to the units operational success. Mr. Minh was instrumental in assisting the platoon to question the local inhabitants in the area of operations to identify the enemy combatants in the area and to ensure that the innocent locals were not mistaken for combatants.

 Mr. Minh was a totally reliable, honest and trustworthy individual. He was also very courageous and accompanied the SEALs into very dangerous enemy held areas, always wanting to make any contribution he could to the units success and safety 

I accompanied Mr. Minh to the MACV headquarters in Saigon and assisted with his application to be hired as an official interpreter for the US Military. I can certify that he was officially hired by MACV. 

I strongly recommend that Mr. Minh receive every consideration in his application to immigrate to the United States. He served the US Military honorably, with courage and dedication. I am fully confident that he will continue to show his love of the USA here in America. 

Robert W. Peterson Captain US Navy, retired




                                 Robert Scandiffio, Nat.Cemetery, Houston TX 2011



                                 Lt to Rt: Eric Skalski, Mike Everett, Ted D. Bair, Hans Garcia



SEAL Team FOUR,  Dec., 20 1989 Panama Operation JUST CAUSE (Fiasco)


                      SEAL Two Collage                 Don Shipley   of  Extreme SEALs  


Lt. to Rt: Minh (interpreter) "hook" Tuure,  Jack Rowell, Robert "Eagle" Gallagher,  Roy Dean Matthews, SITTING: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas                     



John Edward Gantley
January 2, 1947 - September 4, 2011  



It is with great regret we inform the membership that Jack Gantley passed away Sunday night in his sleep. He had been suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for nearly a year. 

Following graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1969 and a short stint in the fleet, Jack attended and graduated from Class 51 East Coast Training in 1971. From Platoon Commander at Underwater Demolition Team TWENTY-ONE and throughout his NSW career, Jack served in a myriad of leadership positions retiring as a Captain with 26 years after serving as Chief of the Strategic Planning and Guidance Division at United States Special Operations Command in 1995. 

Jack continued his support of the Special Operations community following his military service as a government contractor supporting the SORDAC Combatant Craft Program.
                                 Source:  UDT-SEAL Assn


After 26 years of active duty, Jack retired as Chief, Strategic Planning and Guidance Division, S0j5, Unit Special Operations Command, at MacDill Air Force base. Jack was commissioned as an Ensign in 1969. 

After serving on the USS Ogden he transitioned to Naval Special Warfare (NSW) by graduating Basic Demolition/Seal (Buds/s) Training in April 1971. As a Navy SEAL, Jack continued in that Warfare Specialty throughout his Naval Career, progressing through the ranks as Platoon Commander at UDT-Twenty-One, Assistant Officer in Charge Naval Inshore Warfare Task Unity Europe, and Operations Officer as Seal Team. 

Captain Gantley served as Task Group Commander of Mobile Sea Bases in Operation "Earnest Will" the Northern Persian Gulf in the late 1980s. Captain Gantley's decorations include Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Ribbon with One Star, Navy and Marine Corp Overseas Ribbon with Two Stars, among many others.

 After his retirement from the Navy, Jack was a consultant at the United States Special Operations Command for 13 years, developing, resourcing and fielding combatant maritime crafts for the Country's Special Operations Forces.


                                                               John Edward Gantley John Edward Gantley


Randy Piper




                              Jenna Lee and Leif Babin, Navy SEAL catches a "keeper!"


Insider: What would you want America to know about being a part of a Navy SEAL family?

Jenna: That they are so honorable and they are so courageous and they are unwavering in how they feel about the country. It’s one of the things that really attracted me to Leif because if there’s one thing he is sure about, it’s that he is willing to die for the country. That type of integrity, you just don’t find. I would say that that’s the thing everyone needs to know – they really are as good as you think they are, they really are.


Jenna Lee and Leif Babin

I shall be posting more pictures as I receive them. Thank You.
November 4-7, 2010 more info

NSW-SEALs Ride Across

"" Naval Special Warfare Command Six riders set out from Coronado yesterday and are heading 3,300 miles to the Muster at the The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum in November. They are raising awareness for the NSW Foundation.   

Six bike riders were sent off in a ceremony for a Naval Special

Warfare Foundation charity bike ride in Coronado, Calif., Sept. 26, 2010.

Good luck!
Watch the brief Video:

                               SEAL Bikers Ride Across America

"I think the real importance of our last six weeks was to draw attention to naval special warfare and their ambition to provide tragedy assistance to families of Seals killed in action and to our wounded Seal brothers," said retired Navy Seal Michael Badger.

SEAL bikers go from CA. to FL




Don Johnson 

Elizabeth "Liz" Logan & Jan Albertie

The President of the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum awarded them the 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award.

Liz and Jan are volunteers as Naval Special Warfare researchers and historians.  They researched, compiled and validated the database of the warriors names for the UDT-SEAL Memorial to the fallen warriors.

                 Nov 6, 2010 Ft. Pierce FL UDT-SEAL Museum

Rolf Snyder, Marketing/Media Director,  UDT SEAL Museum- Hailing from Leawood, KS, Rolf is the Museum’s resident Jayhawk! As Marketing and Media Director, Rolf is responsible for the Museum’s advertising, public & media relations, and marketing strategy. His work includes Corporate Development, E-Net, Public Affairs, Muster Planning, Theme-ing, Photography, and in-house Counsel. He also provides the staff with free, up to the minute, updates on everything KU Basketball related.

After studying at the University of Bonn in Germany, Rolf graduated from the University of Kansas, with BAs in German and Psychology. After taking some time off to work, Rolf returned to University of Kansas where he earned his law degree and MBA. Upon graduation, Rolf accepted a job in Wiesbaden, Germany and then attended the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Clermont-Ferrand, France where he received his MIM. Rolf is also an alumni of The Hague Academy of International Law in The Hague,Netherlands. Currently, Rolf is also the IT Director for the National World War One Museum, President of Real Estate Corporation, Inc., President of Global Perspectives Advisory Group, and a practicing attorney.


The Flag Detail at UDT SEAL Museum Ft. PIerce FL  Nov 2010


Admiral Olson 

Donna Axelson





Veterans, Civilians, and family of the UDT-SEAL Assn members gathered at the beach just outside of the SEAL museum Nov. 7 to honor 82 members of the naval special warfare community, active duty and Retired, who have died since last year.

At sunrise, retired chaplain, Capt. Robert Bedingfield, who currently serves as the museum's chaplain, read the names of all the 82 frogmen and led the crowd in prayer. A detail of SEAL combat swimmers then delivered the ashes of ten of the fallen to their final resting place out to sea, in accordance with their wishes.

Following the muster, the museum board of directors hosted a dedication ceremony for the new UDT-SEAL memorial that took two years to research and build on the grounds of the museum.

The memorial featured a wall with the names of all 252 naval special warfare personnel who have died in the line of duty since WWII and a bronze statue of a UDT (Underwater Demolition) Combat Swimmer.



UDT SEAL swimming out SEAL's ashes

Per-Erik Tornblom              William D. Sutherland


                      Capt. Rick Woolard

Past, present, possible future SEALs celebrate 25th annual muster 


Members of SEAL Team 18 return to land after releasing the ashes of fallen SEALs into the ocean during a ceremony in Fort Pierce, Fla.,  Nov. 7. 

On a brisk November day, two Humvees speed into an open field as two MH-60 helicopters swiftly approach an empty lot nearby. The MH-60s pause and hover 40 feet above the concrete as a thick rope is dropped out the door. Several SEALs begin fast-roping out of the choppers and ducking for cover one by one. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire fills the air while helicopter propellers blow gusts of sand into SEALs faces. Bodies of what appear to be terrorists drop to the ground, and thousand of people cheer. 

This may sound like a Special Operations mission in Afghanistan, but in reality, it was a demonstration by members of SEAL Team 18 from Little Creek, Va., who showcased their Special Warfare capabilities to a crowd of more than 5,000 service members and civilians at the 25th Annual National UDT-SEAL Museum Muster at Fort Pierce, Fla., Nov. 6. 

The demonstration was just one of many special events that took place at the weekend muster, which is open to the public and draws thousands of active military members, dependents, retirees and interested onlookers from the local community and beyond. 




Victor Elias shooting movie of Leap Frog

Joseph "Red" Coyle at UDT SEAL Muster Nov 2010





"Swede's" Family from Sweden 

BIll "Fat Rat" Sutherland

Scouts and Raiders

Neil C. Roberts




Capt. Rick Woolard and UDT SEAL Swimmers at burial at sea ceremony

FROM: Rick Woolard  wrote: On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 

Doc Riojas,

After looking at the photos on your site, people may be wondering why the bagpipe is often played at SEAL ceremonies. The reason is simple: SEALs are warriors and pipe music is warrior music. 

The sound of the pipes makes men brave. If the piper's good enough, it also makes women sentimental, kids dance, and babies sleep...but that's another story.

The pipes were played in battle by the Scots (also the Irish, to some extent) for centuries, first in the days of the Highland clans, then in the British army. As a force multiplier, pipers in British and Commonwealth regiments played in combat around the world. When it was time to go to work, up front was their traditional place. At Waterloo while being charged by French cavalry, Piper MacKay stepped outside a British square so everyone could see and hear him while he played a few tunes to keep everyone's spirits up. Team guys can see his in-your-face logic. At Dargai in one of Britain's Afghan Wars, Piper Findlater led the charge and continued playing after being shot through both legs. This earned him a Victoria Cross. Several other pipers have also received this award.

Their casualties were high. In World War One, 1000 pipers were killed. It looked like they might run out of pipers, so the British War Office officially prohibited them from playing in battle. But in World War Two Piper Bill Millin played the troops ashore on D-Day anyhow and the sound of the pipes was heard in various battles in the European theater. Urgent request to HQ from a British infantry commander in heavy contact with Nazi troops: "Send four tanks or one piper!"

Nowadays Scottish and Canadian regiments fighting alongside our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have pipers whose combat role is often machine gunners, but they break out their pipes for various other occasions. I know some unofficial American pipers are there too.

I learned the pipes as a kid but did not play much on active duty due to time constraints. After I retired, the wars came, our brothers died, and I was asked to play at SEAL memorial services and funerals. It has been my sad honor to do this over 40 times so far. Other pipers, SEALs among them, do this for our fallen as well.

When the UDT-SEAL Association and the UDT-SEAL Museum asked me to play at Reunions and Musters I was honored to do it. Many pipers feel they need to dress in full Scottish military dress uniform. For a guy who spent 30 years in the Teams, it seems wrong to wear the ceremonial uniform of a soldier from another country, so I wear civilian clothes or the cammies I wore when I retired. Besides, it's not about the piper's appearance; it's how well he plays the music. 

Like many other traditions that come from elsewhere, pipes are now an American custom, too. There is even a tune specifically for SEALs; its title is "The USN SEALs March". It was composed in 1993 by a well-known piper in Scotland to honor his SEAL friends at the Naval Special Warfare Unit in Machrihanish. It's a good tune and I play it every chance I get.

Rick Woolard, CAPT, USNavy SEAL, Retired



UDT SEAL swimmers, burial at sea, taking out the deceased SEALs ashes


Below Photos were by Gene Brown & Dan Olson.  For Captions go to page ONE. There is a link at the last photo here.

Lt to Rt:  Bud Thrift,  Jim Finley, Dan Olson, CHuck Jessie, Duke Leonard, Jim Fricks

Lt to Rt: CHuck Jessie, Duke Leonard, Dennis SPrenkle,  Jim Fricks, Dan Olson

Reflention in the center panel of Dana Brown and Dan Olson

Lt to Rt: Dennis Sprenkel,  Bob "Eagle" Gallagher,  Joseph "Red" Coyle

Bob "Eagle" Gallagher,   Jim Finley,  Dan Olson

Bob "Pete" Peterson and Dan Olson

Dan Olson and Admiral Olson   they are not related


Dan Olson, Dana Brown,  LouLou Tolentino and Doc Riojasw

Dan Olson making a pit stop

Duke Leonard,  A.D. Clark, and Rudy Boesch


MORE Muster PICTURES  HERE!  Keep checking back as I will be adding more as I receive them from the folks that attended the Muster 2010.



Dan Olson and Gena Brown

  Follow their adventure from Michigan to California down to FL.

Dan & Gena Brown,  Lourdes Tolentino & Erasmo "Doc" Riojas


Gena's Photo Album

Dan Olson and Gena Brown

Dan Olson and Admiral Olson,  the Captain is ???

Lt to Rt:Duke Leonard,  Dan Olson, "Skip" Isham,  "Pete" Peterson  
Isaiah 6:8         8  Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”  And I said,    “Here am I. Send me!”

L-R , Chuck Jessie, Duke Leonard, Jim Fricks. Olson, Leonard, & Fricks all Class 40 (6702).

Bob "Pete" Peterson          &          Dan Olson

Bud Lt. to Rt.  :Bud Thrift, Jim Finley, Dan Olson,Chuck Jessie,
Duke Leonard, Jim Fricks

  Dennis &Dennis Sprenkle from Orlando, Bob "Eagle" Gallagher, Joseph "Red" Coyle

Bob "Eagle" Gallagher, Jim "Mayor of MyTho" Finley,  Dan Olson

Nov 2010 UDT SEAL Museum Ft. Pierce FL.


                                 Dan & Gena Olson on road to the Ft. Pierce Muster and  LouLou & Doc Rio


Brothers In Arms Buried Together

October 4, 2010 4:07 PM 

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney were roommates at the naval academy and became as close as brothers. One became a Marine stationed in Iraq, the other, a Navy Seal in Afghanistan. Both have died and were laid to rest side-by-side in Arlington's National Cemetery. David Martin reports.
Read more:



Lenny Waugh, "Hoss" Kucinski, Chuck Detmer, "Doc" McCarthy

          Marc A Lee                      Matthew B. Roberts                                                             Mitchell Hall


----- Original Message -----
From: Dave Bodkin
To: Erasmo Riojas
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:53 PM
Subject: Fw: Re: Video Kaloki's Photo's Gday Rio I finally got some pic's of Kaloki head your way!! Check out Ay! Hope to make the Muster this fall if the Doc's can fix my main Aorta Valuve !
All the best



                                                         Jeff "Speedy" Gonzalez


Craig E. Dorman


CRAIG E. DORMAN (Chairman) was previously Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and is now serving as Deputy Director, Research and Engineering, for Laboratory Management in the Department of Defense. 

He spent 26 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring with the rank of Rear Admiral after serving as Program Director for Antisubmarine Warfare of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. He also served on underwater demolition teams and as a U.S. Navy SEAL. His distinguished military career includes the honors of Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, and Navy Commendation and Achievement Medals, among others. 

Dr. Dorman serves on numerous advisory boards (including the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Board of Trustees), has served on the National Research Council (NRC) Ocean Studies Board, and currently serves on the NRC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate.

  Dr. Dorman received his B.S. (geography) from Dartmouth College, an M.S (oceanography) from the Navy Postgraduate School, and a Ph.D. in oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Joint Program.

                                                                    CRAIG E. DORMAN



    send me your picture! 


                                        Scott Danielson PO2 (SEAL)  RIP  

While training off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA, Scotty was in a small boat that capsized when hit by a large wave in a winter storm on Thursday Feb. 22, 2001. When mustered back together, head count was one short. When his body was recovered it was discovered that he suffered a broken neck. Anyone that knew him would describe him as funny and the kind of guy that would do anything for a teammate. He was also a hell of a point man in the Teams.  Dates of service:  1992 to 2001


     send me your picture! 



----- Original Message -----
From: Joe Hunter
To: doc rio
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 9:49 AM Subject:
Re: UDTR picture 

The class number is 36, UDTR Class 36. If you were in Key West during the summer of 1966, I was there. Sorry, I do not remember you, but there are few Instructers I remember.

  The one's I do remember are the one's that made my life hell. One that I will not forget is Fraley. He pushed me all the time on the runs. I was not a fast runner and he enjoyed getting in front of me and smoke that big cigar. 

One time he got in front of me and told me to grab and hold on to his shirt. When I did, he took off running and towed me 100 yards in front of the group. He then told me if the group caught up to me, he would have my ass. That was enough incentive for me! When we crossed the ditch into the training area in Rosy Roads, the group was only about 10 yards behind me. 

He still had my ass though. It really bothered me when I learned he was killed. 

Hershel Davis was my swim buddy and I towed him a lot when he got cramps on those long swims.  We were neighbors in little Creek, great guy, say hello to him for me. Damn I liked that guy.

Joe Hunter



GulfCoast SEALs & Other Vets:  BackROW: Jim Tribon EOD, Larry Theorine, Lowell Dickey PBR, Dave Casale, Joe Hunter, Curt GIbby.   SITTING:  Bob Northrup (son-in-law of Dee ), A. Dee Clark,  Erasmo “Doc” Riojas, Joe Baimbridge DVO, Dan Potts



             Dusty Rhoades                                               Joe Bell                               Lowell "Bo" Burwell "Doc"


                  John Roat, Larry Lyons, 


                                                                                             top row: 2ndfrom left: Bob Holmes; 5th man:  Fred Miller
   Class  33 EC reunion in Honduras


          Erasmo Riojas                                                     Lt. Trani  KIA 'nam       Fred Toothman      Charles P. Doc O'Brian
                                                                                                                                             Fred wasUSS SKYLARK


Bob Gormly  author:              Doc  Hammel                     Fellers                                                                   Frank Thornton
"Combat Swimmer" 


                   charliewatson.gif (309224 bytes)
"Andy" Anderson          Doc Martin, Rio,  Manny"Doc" Perez, Doc Clark, John Fritz    Mr. Charles Watson
                                                                                                                                           click to enlarge 


click to enlarge it   UDT-21



Sweet Ole Bill Daugherty  (SOB) Cindy            Moscone &  Ruth

 CDR Fane and Erasmo Riojas

                       Bret,    ??      Janet        Jack  Lynch                                          Bret Lynch (SEAL)


     Doc "Leg" Martin & Nancy               Pete " Mr. Sen"   Petersen       Larry Bailey



                      Captains Olson & Barnes                                               Pete Meston


John Roat finally cut off long hair                         Joe Silva and  John Cooper                             R.D. Russell,    Tossi, Larry Bailey


                  rt: Rex Davis Larry Brown&Tom Marsh.            Kiet Nugyen LDNN    &   Tom Norris  ST-1 'nam               

      SEAL Team ONE:      Michael Thornton (MOH)       and Tom Norris  (MOH)     R.W."Pete" Peterson:
                                                                                                                                  ST-2 Silver Star, P.H.  


             Steve "Doc" Elson, LCDR & Erasmo Riojas                    Tom Norris    



Doc Riojas,

The truth is that I never received a letter directly electronica, which only send to the pool of frogs. You agra'dezco which I've communicated with my dear friend, frog; Hondurena, Eddie Padgett. Erasmus, you're very creative in your website. You have much talent. Erasmus, It looks like your military career you 'taught a lot of life. For sure it has not been easy. 

I, on the one hand, always consider medicine; moreover, sycologia and justice .. With a view toward the (FBI) That's right, as I envolvi, with the seafaring infantry / reconnaissance battalion strength, then, via buds / frogs fighters.

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          Operation Just Cause


                               Special Operations.Com





                        Roy Boehm's Toy    also read:  "First SEAL"   a  SEAL Team TWO  mustang


Joseph Maguire                                   Jono Ray Smith                                Adm. Eric Olson


                Bert Call and wife                                                                                     Arles "Nasty" Nash


    Lt to Rt: Brumuller, Nissle, Stephensen, Olson, Riojas,                                     Michael Murphy




Mike Slattery                                                                                                                        Steve ELson






                     Moki Martin 

                        Moki Martin (SEAL)  receives USNavy Commendation Medal 

Navy Seals Honored

A retired Navy SEAL, who was apart of a secret combat operation more than 35 years ago, received the medal of valor. Lt. Moki Martin never spoke about the operation and now we are hearing how he saved lives while risking his own.































<> I believe members of the 50's Frogs









    Jeffrey A. Lucas                     Ryan Zinke                                 Ted Alexander


                                Don Mann                                                      Jimmy Battista

                                Al Ashton                                                        Dan Toth


                                                            BUD/S Class 264
click to enlarge



Roger (Turkey Belly) Guerra

Chapter Meeting Come and join the First UDT-SEAL Association "North Texas Chapter"
event hosted by Roger & Debra GUERRA and Bill Holloway and John Ware
  What: "North Texas Chapter" Get together and meeting
  When: October 25, 2008 
4:30 PM (Notice its PM not AM)
  Where: Greater Fort Worth Area @ 
2112 Chaparral Rd Azle, TX76020
email me or telephone: rdguerra [at]

 Hey Guys, Gals, and Kids,   With the help of Bill Holloway and John Ware we will host your First "North Texas Chapter" meeting up here at my house in the country at Azle, TX. So, lookin forward to seeing all you Frogs & SEALs within shoutin distance!!!    This should be a great time and good ole Texas get together for our first meeting and family event. Anyway, for our first meet, I'll cook burgers and provide beer & soft drinks for $10 per couple please RSVP (important for food ordering). If you're coming stag, it's only $5 a head.  

 I want our first meet to be economical enough that everyone makes it and find out what we want to do from this point on. I live between Fort Worth and Azle, TX and the address is above. If you want to bring a covered dish, please call me and we'll figure something out! Covered dishes are great surprise foods that are usually fantastic and taste great.   

We have a pool so kids can swim if they so desire, and so can the adults if you still remember how, this time it's not mandatory.  I personally swim like a gaftop that had a quarter pounder dropped on him (you know laying on its side).  

 There are several hotels within shoutin distance on the west and northwest side of Fort Worth. Cowtown (north side) is 20 minutes from me for the really hearty!  We'll start at 4:30 and go till someone yells uncle, so it could be a long night (we got a lot of meetin, greetin, and catching up to do!). I'll recover on Sunday with a strong sermon if any one is interested!    I received a good response in putting this group together and hope most of you can make it. There's a lot of team members not in the UDT-SEAL Association that hopefully participate and our welcome, this is about the Brotherhood so we'll see.  

 Bring your smiling faces and any ole Team related photos so we can all laugh and have some fun.  Anyway, please respond by Oct 15 so we can finalize plans and have enough food and drink to accommodate everyone.   
Looking forward to seeing you all,
Roger and Debra Guerra  




Walter Diaczenko :I  have 2 son’s that aspire to become Navy SEALs.  Dillon the oldest, is in the NROTC at Penn State and will graduate in May 2009.  He hopes to go directly into BUDS Training.


                                                                         Roger Guerra


                                                  Joe Hansen standing behind Roger Guerra Roosey Roads  P.R.

                                                UDT-21, Captain Stanley "Pete" MestonFROM: Roger Guerra:       Most of that memory is beered away but here goes with my best effort..... 1st row squated  L-R  Steve Dudley, don't know , isn't the last guy Pat Morgan?
1st row standing L-R Chief Schmidt, 3d man LTjg Ridgeway  6th man-Stan Meston, 8th man Drew Bissett
2nd row standing L-R 2nd man -Chief Janecka, 5th man was our Corpman Doc---???
1st row enlisted L-R, 2nd man Pierre Ponce, 3rd man- Keith Payne, 5th man- Red Hunter, 8th man- Jim Swatzell
2nd row enlisted-L-R 6th "man" ---yours truly
3rd row enlisted L-R, Winters, 7th man-Bill Sweeney
4th row enlisted, L-R 3rd man Dennis Berger (?) not sure but it looks like him, 7th man-Al Grills.?, last man on row looks like Jimmy Allgeier (pretty sure, but I thought he was in med)
Last row - L-R 4th man-Joe Hunt
If I remember any more names I'll get them to you but you might blast out and see if we can get any help!
  Thanks Amigo!
ADDENUM: OK, one more, first row standing, L-R, 3rd man- LTJGRidgeway (he signed my discharge papers.), ......must .....get .....liquid.....refreshment.....
Another ADDENUM:   First row standing correction:  L-R 3rd man, Lt May?, 4th man- LtJG Barbata, 5th man-Lt Ridgeway and the last man in that row I believe is Chief Manard?
My NOTE:  I am sure more to come?

Please email me more names:       docrio45 [at]         Thank you.


                                      Michael Welvaert


USS Michael Murphy ussmichaelmurphy.jpg (70190 bytes)
Navy Secretary Names New Guided-Missile Destroyer USS Michael Murphy

Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter announced today at a ceremony in Lake Ronkonkoma , N.Y. , the name of the newest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer will be Michael Murphy. Designated as DDG-112, the name honors Lt. Michael Murphy who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005.

            Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Lt. Michael P. Murphy lead a four-man team tasked with finding a key Taliban leader in the mountainous terrain near Asadabad, Afghanistan, when they came under fire from a much larger enemy force with superior tactical position.  Mortally wounded while exposing himself to enemy fire, Murphy knowingly left his position of cover to get a clear signal in order to communicate with his headquarters. While being shot at repeatedly, Murphy calmly provided his unit's location and requested immediate support for his element.  He returned to his cover position to continue the fight until finally succumbing to his wounds.

            Michael Murphy will be one of the U.S. Navy's most advanced, state-of-the-art warships in the fleet. With the combination of Aegis, the vertical launching system, and advanced anti-submarine warfare system, advanced anti-aircraft missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles, the Arleigh Burke-class continues the revolution at sea. Utilizing a gas turbine propulsion system, Michael Murphy will be able to operate independently or as part of carrier strike groups, surface action groups, amphibious ready groups, and underway replenishment groups.

            Michael Murphy will be the 62nd Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. The 9,200 ton ship is being built by Bath Iron Works, a General Dynamics Company and will be 509.5 feet in length, have a waterline beam of 59 feet, a crew size of 323 (23 officers and 300 enlisted) and she will make speed in excess of 30 knots


                             Ron Rector                                     Ray Smith                 

                                    Now:Christian O'Connor         & then              Christian O'Connor



Roger Clapp was an officer at ST-1 and ran the Armory for part of the time when I was there. He is now the Naval Special Warfare Center Command Historian. He has an office at the Coronado training center and has access to the Navy’s version of the database which is far more extensive than mine. The Navy’s database includes ALL of the WWII guys (mine only goes from 1947 to the present day), and Roger can actually look up the training records on anyone who was in BUD/S… whether they successfully graduated, or they were dropped for failure to meet performance qualifications, or they were medically dropped, or they quit. 

Steve Robinson

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                                      Mark Boyer's Photos




click on picture to enlarge them

                         click on it to enlarge

                                      Bill Rice                                                                     William Brown

                                                                                Dan Cnossen


         John Wayne Marcum KIA                                                                    Robert Berry

                                      Roger Guerra, Troy Vought, Mike Macready


Capt. Pete Wikul "Bull Frog" Retires

  September 27, 2009 

. Pete Wikul last saw his father at the age of 8, on a street corner in his native Harlem. "He was a heroin addict," Wikul said Friday. "It was on West 140th Street. Either the cops or the Mafia came for him. I was never sure which."











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