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A salute to Tom Tarbox
By Tiffany Strong
The Herald Gazette Reporter

CAMDEN (June 27): Tom Tarbox, 74, of Camden began training to become a Navy SEAL even before the SEALs were officially formed. Before the present day SEALs there were UDTs, or underwater demolition teams. The UDTs began training in June 1943 in preparation for the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France. Their efforts were originally focused on demolitions and mine disposal.  

Tom Tarbox. (Photo by Tiffany Strong)

  Thomas N. Tarbox was born March 7, 1935, in Montana. "My father loved initials," said Tarbox. "The 'N' doesn't stand for anything, he just liked that my initials were TNT. I used to tell people that 'N' stood for 'nothing.'" Tarbox graduated from high school in 1953 and from the University of Colorado in 1957 with a bachelor of arts in geography.

  He then enrolled in Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I., and started UDT training. At the time there were no careers in UDT, so he left and went back to the University of Colorado and started studying to become a journalist. In the summer of 1962 he got a call from a friend telling him about the SEALs. His friend told him SEAL stood for "sink enemy and leave." 

He left school and enrolled in basic training in Little Creek, Va. Officers and enlisted men train side by side to become SEALs. SEAL actually stands for "sea, air and land," and the training is considered by many military experts to be the toughest training in the world.

At the time basic training lasted for four months. It was very physically demanding, Tarbox said. "We ran everywhere. There was a lot of swimming and the instructors constantly harass you."

The harassment is necessary to see if a man is going to break when things get tough, Tarbox said.

There were 91 men in his class when it started, but only 20 finished. "I was confident I could make it through," said Tarbox. "I would look at the next guy and think if he can make it then so can I."

Tarbox said men who are afraid of the water or heights or who are claustrophobic won't make it. "I'm a strong swimmer, " he said. "I did a lot of swimming with my brother when I was young.

A man may drop out of the course at any time, Tarbox said. To do this a man strikes a brass ship's bell three times and places his helmet down on the ground. Most classes lose about 80 percent of their trainees due to dropouts or injuries. Tarbox said winter dropout rates are higher due to the cold, and he was lucky his class was in the summer.

Tarbox did make it through and was eventually named commander of the Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEAL (BUD/S) instructors.

The only time Tarbox ever lost a man was in May 1965 in a skydiving accident. "When you skydive, a man who is free falling will wave his arms to let other skydivers know that he is going to open his parachute," Tarbox said. For some reason Melvin Melochick, a man in his late 20s, did not do this, Tarbox said. The man above Ochick, Jerry Todd, fell into Ochick's chute, which caused it to malfunction. Ochick died of a broken neck.

"He was my teammate," Tarbox said.

In 1971 Tarbox volunteered for service in Vietnam. The SEALs were initially deployed in and around Da Nang, training and supporting the South Vietnamese in naval special warfare, including reconnaissance and combat diving.

Much of what Tarbox did during his career is still classified, he said. His son Wit, who lives in Tuscon, Ariz., said of his father, "He didn't go into details of what he did or where he was doing it. He's a man of honor and never shared anything that wasn't to be shared."



Emails:  28JUNE2011

From: Franklin Anderson
to:      Tom, David, Maynard, Joe, Dan, 

I have a question for Tom, on page 8, Harry Beal makes the statement “Tom Tarbox signed our Plank owners plank on 1 January l962.

 I question this statement for the fact that= SEAL TWO wasn’t in existence on that Date, and If I am Correct John Callahan reported on board and established SEAL TWO on 8 January 62.

 Tom, can you enlighten me on this statement, as you weren’t in SEAL TWO, at that time. Thanks - Franklin




From:Tom Tarbox 
to: Franklin, David, Maynard, Joe, Dan,


I haven’t received my copy of Vol. 43, No. 2 of the BLAST, and so haven’t been able to read Harry’s letter, but I think I know to what he was referring. I reported to SEAL Team TWO on 27 Aug 62, and so wasn’t a plank owner by any standard. 

I think Harry was referring to sometime in the period 1977-79, when I was CSO of NSWG-2. Dante Stephensen said that all those who had orders to SEAL Team TWO when it stood up (a number of those people still had operational commitments with their previous Teams—mostly UDT-21, but others as well) should be plank owners. 

I looked into it, and agreed with Dante, and so they put all those names on a display (I’ve seen it, but have forgotten what it was) at the Museum. Hope this clarifies it. 


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from:  Dante throc  [at]  bellsouth  DOT  net
to: "Erasmo \"Doc\" Riojas" <docrio45  [at] gmail  DOT com>
date: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:53 PM
subject RE:
“Tom Tarbox signed our Plank owners plank on 1 January l962.

Thanks, Doc.
You can add the below, if you wish, to Tommy’s comments. 

ST2’s commissioning from Dante S. Stephensen; yes, I was there): Ours occurred in early January, 1962, (I believe the first Monday after January 1; maybe the 6th). ST2 was only given about 38 men which included 3 Officers; (Skipper John Callahan, XO Roy Boehm and myself for OPS/TR). 

ST1 was commissioned, I believe, with the proper 50 men and 10 officers but verify that with Dave DelGuidice, ST1’s first skipper. 

For ST2’s commissioning and UDT 22’s re-commissioning, UDT 21 was not overflowing with teammates, so we had to get some guys from the fleet like LDOs Tex Hager & Red Cannon & SKC. Hoot Andrews (who we stole from Rickover’s nuclear fleet). We also drew from returning team cruises and next 2 training classes. 

The plank holder question:
At the request of some late arrivals I did research with Navy Regs in DC. Initially we did not consider late arrivals Plank Owners, (those who arrived after January, 1962). However, I was directed by the powers-to-be in DC that if orders were written & DATED prior to our January commissioning, even if the men arrived late, they were to be considered Plank owners. Some of our guys, including Rudy, were not happy with that, but we had to follow Navy Regs. I wish I could easily give you those names, but I’m so damn old, I have forgotten my own name. If it is important to anyone, I ought to be able to look it up somewhere. 

Respectfully, Dante Shapiro Stephensen, 1st Ops and TR Officer, ST2; UDT 21 “2nd to none” platoon; Company Commander, UDTRA Class 22, east: PS. We graduated 11 of about 126. Andy Anderson was our honor man. I was told Chief John Rabbit and I tied for 2nd but never saw that in writing and no one gave me a trophy. 

Happy 50th Guys. And remember; growing old ain’t for Sissies!

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WEBMASTER's NOTE:   Dante, You don need no stinkin trophy!  We believe you!




Rear Adm.Sean Pybus, Navy SEAL:


                   Tommy Hatchett                   &nbs p;                                            ?,  ?,  ?,  Flores


Bill Daugherty


Jim and Linda Watson                                Frank Flynn


Lt to Rt: ?  ,  Jim Tipton, Jack Lynch,  ?  , "Doc" Cox,  Rudy Boe
Carrick Cheney    &     ShaunChittick


Chad Williams & AUbrey O'Boyle                                        Michael  Fazio

Darren Hicks Darren  Hicks                                     Eric Greitens

John Chalus                                                                   Joe Hunter   


Jesse and Tony Olivera


ST-1 get awarded PUC 


Noa Evans  &  Ben Thomas

John Sandoz  Mike DeTraglia                       Larry LePage  & Frank Flynn


                                                                                                                           Mark Divine

MikeNelson                                     Rudy Boesch &  Doc Cox


                           Kevin Farrell                                  Larry Bailey  A.Dee Clark     Bill Daugherty

                              Arles  Nash                                      Lon Franklin


Brothers In Arms Buried Together    

October 4, 2010 4:07 PM  

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney were roommates at the naval academy and became as close as brothers. One became a Marine stationed in Iraq, the other, a Navy Seal in Afghanistan. Both have died and were laid to rest side-by-side in Arlington's National Cemetery. David Martin reports.
Read more:



How SEALs Carried Out Their Mission

By Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 13, 2009 

The operation to rescue Capt. Richard Phillips involved dozens of Navy SEALs, who parachuted from an aircraft into the scene near dark Saturday, landing in the ocean.


 The SEALs were part of a group of Special Operations forces involved in the effort, according to military officials. The SEALs set up operations on the USS Bainbridge, which had been communicating with the four pirates via radio and had used smaller boats to make deliveries of food and water to their lifeboat.

 Yet the pirates were growing increasingly agitated, the officials said. At one point Saturday, the pirates opened fire on one of the smaller U.S. Navy craft that approached. As the seas grew rougher, the Bainbridge offered to tow the lifeboat to calmer waters, and the pirates agreed, linking up the lifeboat to the destroyer with a towing cable that left 75 to 80 feet between the two vessels. Phillips at the time was tied up in the lifeboat, having been bound -- and occasionally beaten -- by the pirates ever since he had attempted to escape by jumping into the water on Friday, the officials said. 

Meanwhile, one of the pirates, estimated to be between 16 and 20 years old, asked to come aboard the Bainbridge to make a phone call. He had been stabbed in the hand during an altercation with the crew of the Maersk Alabama and needed medical care. "He effectively gave himself up," a senior military official said. 

The Navy then allowed that pirate to speak with the others in hopes that he could persuade them to give up. The three other pirates, however, showed signs of growing irritation, as the Bainbridge, 18 miles from shore, towed the lifeboat further out to sea, the senior military official said. "They had no promise of money, clearly no passage. The one ticket they had was the captain," said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter on the record. "In the last discussion, they said, 'If we don't get what we want, we will kill the captain,' " the official said. 

Soon afterward, two pirates moved to one of the hatches of the lifeboat and stuck their heads out. The third pirate advanced toward the captain and pointed his AK-47 straight at Phillips's back, the rifle touching it or inches away, the official said. U.S. military observers thought that Phillips was about to be shot. SEAL snipers, who were positioned on a deck at the stern of the Bainbridge, an area known as the fantail, had the three pirates in their sights. The on-scene commander gave the snipers authority to fire. "As soon as the snipers had a clear shot at the guy who had the rifle, they shot him and the other two in the hatches," the senior military official said. 

A member of the Special Operations team slid down the tow line into the water and climbed aboard the lifeboat. Phillips was then put in a small craft and taken to the Bainbridge.

Harry Humphries


         Nobody Asked Me, But...Sometimes the Insignificant Is Significant

Somali pirates held Maersk Alabama Captain Phillips in the ship's lifeboat, here towed by the USS Bainbridge after the crisis (with the USS Boxer [LHD-4]) in the background). It was likely the careful application of psychological-warfare techniques that set the pirates' defeat in motion.

To rescue Captain Richard Phillips of the merchant vessel Maersk Alabama in April 2009, the rescue force needed to maintain communication with the pirates, secure their cooperation, reduce their level of vigilance, and take the ship's lifeboat in tow. It may be that these four objectives were achieved through judicious application of "Pop Tart" psychological operations.

In view of its likeness to honey-glazed Middle-Eastern pastries, the Kellogg "pocket pie" would have been more appealing to many Somalis than a Meals Ready to Eat package. Regional experts point out that in Arabic cultures, feeding others is a sign of good breeding, and that food and glory are strongly linked. Fasting in that part of the world is all about sacrifice and humility. Perhaps the warship's crew thought pocket pies could influence pirate conduct. Fed men with glory in their eyes are inclined to be more cooperative than men who are humiliated and hungry.

Captain Crossland served as a SEAL in Vietnam. In 2002, he was mobilized as a reserve officer for duty with Naval Special Warfare Group One in the Northern Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.


go to this link below for the rest of the article.




July 2007 Dan Zamuda,  RIP


Hey Rio . we went on liberty together in Siagon...and we had to babysit Joe DeMartino...I was sent there this tour to be an advisor for the Vietnamese Seals.I served In Hoi An and was relieved by Mike Thorton and Tom Morris.

  Small world..LOL..I was Tommy roomate for a few years in VA beach..Went thru class 30 UDTR in Little creek..theres thats it..

  Fire in the Hole.  Dan

Danny Mcevoy..I retired after 28years in 1989 


Doc Clark called me about 0730 hours this morning to let me know that Zmuda had died.  I believe his son Danny called Bruhmuller and told him of his dads death.  It seems he and Rose his wife where in a store and "MUD"  was feeling bad so went outside and then fell over.  No info on whether it was a heart attack or stroke. God bless MUD and his family.  We did a lot of operating together and were both in the same  platoon as well as just living a few doors down from each other on Bernice Pl. , in Princess Ann Plaza .  I could tell stories about him that would take hours.  He was a SUPER team member.  those of you who knew him will attest to this.

Bill (SOB)

Our Teammate Daniel "Mud" Zmuda will be laid to rest in Fredonia , New York this Saturday the 16th of February. Dan graduated with East Coast Class 26 and retired in 1978 after serving in UDT-22, ST-2 and as an original member of the Navy Parachute Team. Dan is survived by his wife Roseanne, his son Dan and daughters Annette Adamczak and Jacqueline Zmuda. He also has a brother, Frederick and  three sisters; Joanne Sawyer, Marcia Ernst and Claire Knoll while his brother John preceded him. Dan and Rose had 6 grandchildren




Class 20 E.C.
    Class 20 East Coast

                                    Kerry King    Ernest Szokes                               Kerry King


                    Adm. Ray SMith              Hershel Davis                SEAL




114 CLass


Aviles Dionel





Pete "The Pirate" 

Bernie , Jose,  Mike


                      Jimmy  Breits  Precher                                      Richard Marcinko & his Kids


                  Bob Kerry                                  Pete "The Pirate" Coralan


            lt. to rt.:Augie Maynard,Ed Schmidt, Frank Scolise, Bill Bruhmuller, Hugh Landsen, UNK.


Doc Riojas, Eagle Gallagher, DeepDive Deaks         Bill "S.O.B." Daugherty  Cabo Mexico Doc Riojas, Eagle Gallagher, DeepDive Deaks         Bill "S.O.B." Daugherty  Cabo Mexico Doc Riojas, Eagle Gallagher, DeepDive Deaks         Bill "S.O.B." Daugherty  Cabo Mexico

     Erasmo "Doc"Riojas eating a VN HOT pepper;  Chuck Jessie next to him.    

Erasmo "Doc" Riojas on SEAL STAB being towed by the Mike Boat. washing MUD off gear and getting ready for the next Operation.


           Erasmo Riojas & Jesse Ventura                                         


                                   Erasmo "Doc" Riojas , Lourdes Tolentino , Bob Shouse and Rosalie Shouse


My "SeaDaddy" Bob Shouse and wife Rosalie and their Grandaughter Michelle


            Jack Walston                               Clark D. Stuart Jack 



      Charlie Bump, ???,  & Chuck Detmer


                  W. M. Shepherd                                Christopher J. Cassidy  His BIO thanks to Bill Hoopes


Della & Jim Hazelwood



Below Photo: UDT -7 Team Picture, Maui T.H. Oct 1944, Front Row: Wakefield, Phelps, Flynn, Rayman, Spellman Stegmeyer, Turci, Burke, Robbins, Mc Allister, Limber, Absher, Wilson, Richards.  NEXT TO FRON ROW: Millner, Wisecup, Ridenour, Howard, SMith, Brady, Holbrook, Leinart, Pastermack, Vogel, Gresham, Rice, McColgin, Ferguson, Lott  NEXT TO REAR ROW:  Arnold, Mann, Sprague, barrett, Turner, Cruny, SPencer, Timmerman, Sporer, King, Feldman, More, O'Neil, Stemmerich, Mondanaro, Deny.  REAR ROW:  Schuleter, Thompson, Anderson, Franck, Grass, George, Smith, Rhodes, Whipple, Gartell, Richter, Clark, Spearin, Bennett, Sichling


CLASS 14 Graduation Day, NAB, Little Creek VA.: Front left (front) Rossman, R. Ray, F. Salerno, J. Hol?wilson, L. ??, Becker, J. Shortt, R. Ballard  (ACK) ENS Moranidis (Royal hellenic Navy), J. letchworth, R. Hatfield, C. Bond, R. Krug, R. Tullas, R. Grimes, S. Kopac, K. McIntyre, (note:  A. Szell and R. Brownson finished, but were not in the picture)

CLASS 6 E.C. Lt. to Rt: Nari, Tussey, KIM(ROK),Davis, Slagel, Luffelholtz, Peterson, Steve Bourecksky (instructor) Logan, Lee (ROK), Hazelwood,  ???,  Fauche,  Clark, Bauche (Back) all instructors: Yankulov, Sloan, Hughes, Moorhouse, Hughey, Dennison, Barber, GMC "Tex" Modsell (senior inst. , NCDU normandy)  picture by Jim Hazelwood.



These photos from the USNavy movie:  "Men with Green Faces."  ~ 1968  Little Creek VA.  SEALs from ST-2 getting attaboy awards.  The only HEROES came home in body bags.         Viet?


Bill Langley & Tocci      lt to rt: Mike                                     Bill Langley and Tocci
Boynton, Tocci,Langley,Riojas, Rowell,
Jessie, Peterson, ? , PT Schwartz

               Moose Boinott, &  Doc Riojas                                      Pete Girard

Pete Peterson                  "Shorty" Long

Archie Grayson Tocci,                                  Mike Boynton; Jim Finley


              Jack Fowler                                  Dave Bodkin  and Ted Kassa
28 Oct 2007
Gday Rio,
Maybe this will help Andy Hayden with his documentation problem.
I Remember some of these guys from our 1967 trip in country We had a plt.and did break in OPS with them in Cantho for  month or so before going up to Vin Long , Lt White was OinC an CWO Boils With us  He may remember more details about Andy Hayden's WIA since he was out from the East Coast!! He still in the Coronado A.O. I due Remember Charlie Bump! Brian Rand was also in my PLT.Joe Casmar,Van Orden Teddy Mathison, Got out an Died in Diving Acidient off Australia Going for the big bucks. They got pined to the bottom with gear that fell off  an oil rig .Ten years in the Navy shot too hell?
Only God  Knows!
Only God  Knows!
All the best,  Dave  " Kaloki " Bodkin, (SEAL) USN Ret.


Jim Tipton, Hightower, Jack Lynch                             Tom Keith  ST-2  'nam

      Ephrayim J. Aven                                                          Jerry Sweezy Jr.

Tom Keith & Doc Riojas


Kevin Keith, Tom Keith, Doc Rio, Brian Keith

                                   George Doran (SEAL) Plank Owner ST-2


            Rear Adm Joseph Kernan                                                                  Dry and Martin

                                         MCPO Andrew Tafelski III   (click on photo to read story)

                                Nix White                                                     Adm Mc Guire


                                                                       Larry Summerfield II  


     Seth Stone                             Seth Stone                              A SEAL Motivator  

L to R: Mark Boyer, Jeff Moran, Kirk McConville, BIll Rachman, Joe Hohmann, Paul Barry, Jerry Field, Ron Flockton, Don Tocci


                                                                           S. Helvenston

                                                                    Class 142

                                                             H.S."Bud" Thrift


Henry Thrift 
Jun 16 2013
to me, Doc Rio

Yes I was a Mustang. 

Made E-7, E-8 and E-9 but never wore the uniform. 

Made W1, W2,W3 and W-4. Never wore the W-4 uniform.

Made LTJG and LT.

Retired with 22 yrs in 1982

Bobby Coleman gave me a 1/2 ass initiation while I was defending a new chief in Miami. I was a W-3 then

Happy Father's Day to you.

Henry "Bud" Thrift 



Lt to rt.TOP row: Jay Stansel, Ken & Lorraine Palmer, Bill Holloway, Bill Daugherty & Beverly, Phyllis & Troy Vaught, Bob Mackey & Jan Turpen, Melissa & Larry Lyons, Pam & Ken Abasolo.  Bottom row LT to RT:  Olga & Bill Miller (Rat), Dee Clark, Debbie & Roger Guerra  

             Navy SEAL bikers                  
        click on small graphics to enlarge them



                                                                      Walter Diaczenko


                                            Admiral Joseph Kernan


                                                             Adm.Eric T. Olson

                              Eric T. Olson


                                                                       Chris Cassidy SEAL Astronaut

                                                                            Damon Woo

         Elbert Tillman Jr.                                                               Eric Olson


      ROBERT HARWARD               Joseph Maguire                             Rich Machowicz

                      Eric T. Olson                                                                                        "Moki" Martin

                         Monsoor RIP                                                                     Harry Humphries

                                                                         James Erik  Suh




Special Operator (SEAL) Second Class James Erik Suh was a 1999 UF Graduate who died in support of combat Operation Red Wings on June 28, 2005 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. For a full biography courtesy of the Gainesville Sun please click here. 

The UF Naval Special Warfare Club is dedicating a Memorial to James Suh on June 28, 2011. The dedication ceremony will be held at Van Fleet Hall on campus at 10 AM, with a small reception to follow.


   L-R: SEALs KIAs, except Marcus Luttrell "Lone Survivor"(on extreme rt.) Afganistan




                                                             Have you seen some of the pictures on my UWSS Key West Web Site?    to see them go  HERE!



  A Story by Dennis "Doc" Borlek about James R. Nelson, and his Korean & Vietnam Experience.      Ken Garrett knows of Mr. Nelson from their UDT Korea Police Action Escapades.  

April 2009

  Doc Rio,   

James Rad Nelson went from SR to Capt. with a 8th grade formal education. Was UDT in the Korean war as a BMSN, locked out of a Sub, blew a power plant in N.Korea and his team missed pick up, had to evade for several days, maybe longer, I'm not sure of that. 

Any way he made Chief then Ens. Limited Line, petitioned that and was granted Unlimited Line. As a junior officer he was CO of an ATF and  had Command of the Conserver ARS39 out of Pearl and eventually Commanding Officer Panama City. 

 He's one hell of a great guy, lives just outside of Panama City.  

Rad Nelson was my boss when I was on the rivers as Independent Duty Corpsman with River Assault Division 112,

 I was FMF prior to that in '66.  He and I were the only ones in 112 with any prior combat experience, we are very tight to this day.  We were supporting the Marines in I Corps, the only Assault Division up there.   

I feel that I can talk to you because you are a brother Corpsman and have "been there". I'll bet that if you went through my family pictures, you won't find more than two or three of me in-country.  I'll send it but please do not put it up on the internet.

I have one good picture that was taken on the pontoon of the USS Benewah before a beer call.  The gent with the mustache is James Rad Nelson, my "Boss" on the rivers. Please don't put my picture on your web site. 

He was Korea UDT (Two Silver Stars there and Navy Cross 'Nam, five Purple Hearts total) we had a deal which we kept "wherever you go, I go", he retired as CO Navy School of Deep Diving and Salvage, we were in some pretty heavy shit together and are close friends today. Don't expect him to be around much longer as he is in his eighties now.

We also worked with our army and the RVN Marines. Did a lot of work keeping the river clear of mines, not always successful. I'll attach a pict. of one of the mines we captured. in the picture it is less than 1/2 out of the water. It's an old Polaroid so quality isn't so great. The mine was Russian and EOD said that it  was large enough to sink any ship in deep water. Was magnet, acoustic and pressure influence all interacting and could be set to detonate anywhere from the first boat over to the tenth and anywhere in between.

photo by: "Doc" Borlec

I was undergoing training with  FMF Force RECON. We went to UWSS in Key West FL. Later I finished all aspects of Diving Physics/Medicine along with Chamber Treatment Operations while with SubDevGpONE, wanted to go all the way but BUMED said no, I had to go back to SSN's.

 While in S.D. got to 2nd Class Diver's School and learned to cut and weld, that's as far as I got. Pissed me off as I could have been part of the new Deep Diving Research Unit at Ballast Point. HMC (DMT) Miller had gone AWOL with a Navy Capt. POW's wife and there was an opening, I just didn't have the pull with BUMED that SubPac had. 

I did get to work with TriMix and lectured at the Commercial Diving School, Calif. Mens Prison Chino in Medical Aspects of Diving etc. Was a Licensed Treatment Chamber Operator in Calif.

 Dennis "Doc" Borlek

Doc Rio,

I  trained in Coronado when their training was cut short in Nov 1950. All class members AND instructors were immediately shipped to Korea to serve with UDT-1.
During the Korean war  James R. Nelson  was in UDT-3. This is verified by several documents I have in my possession. It was UDT-1 and UDT-3 that handled the Korean War, with UDT-5 being commissioned later doing I don't know what. 

About; James R. Nelson, BM3  -He also trained in Coronado   -Assigned (PCS – Permanent Change of Station) to UDT-3 Dec 1949 (presumably upon graduation from training)  -Assigned (PCS – Permanent Change of Station) to UDT-1 8/9/1950. 

James Rad Nelson

However, there was never any group in Korea that had to be left behind and "evade capture for several days or longer" during the Korean War. Only one Frog during the Korean gig got left behind and he was dead.

Ken Garrett



You can find my photo here:

These photos are from my personal album, or rather just all that I have. So you will be copying my own photos, not somebody else's.

 You can pick me out in the photos to the far top right and second row by the Strand sign. In the top right photo is Steve Bouresky and my swim partner (now both dead also), Paul Brewton. I am a dangerous man to be around. I'm 80.

Ken Garrett



Marcus "Doc" Luttrell Arrested for 'Educating' Foreigner


                        Doc Riojas & Joe Singleton UDT WWII                                       Schmidt  May 2009

                                Timothy P. Richardt




Jim Josse's Photos of Frank Flynn in Vietnam

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From: Embarq Customer
To: doc rio
Sent: Saturday, August 08, 2009 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: the photos you sent me are here: 

Image #1. Kien Giang PRU Leadership (The Original Bad Boys). Third from left = Mr. Hien-PRU Commander. Tuan-PRU interpreter. Frank. Mr. Diep-Deputy PRU Commander. Others-Platoon Leaders. 
Image#2. Left=Stan Rodiman-RD Advisor. Frank. Bob Babb-RD Advisor. 
Image#3. Right to left. Sgt. Jim Fosse-RD Advisor. Frank. Unknown Army Sgt. Mr. Diep. Tuan. 
Image#4. Right to left. Bob Babb. Jim Fosse. PRU interpreter. Mr. Diep. Unknown PRU. Tuan. Mr. Hien, Cobra Pilot. Frank. 4th from left=Stan Rodiman. 


The pictures look great. You can add my e-mail address in case someone wants more info. Keep up the good work 
P.S. My last name is spelled
Fosse.  email: jimfosse [at] 

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        Steve A.Hlberg                                            Decoster                  

                 David Fitzgerald

                         David Tannery                                   Rob ROy



    From Capt. Larry Bailey's Files



Capt. Larry Bailey's Stories




                                   Per Erick "Swede" Tornblom put on report on Vieques Puerto Rico


     "Swede"  Per Eric Tornblom taught me this song while in Puerto Rico.  /s/ Larry Bailey



               Don King                                          Jack Lynch                 Jerry Todd            

                                                                     Eric Prince

Lt to Rt: Dennis Gaughan, Russ Geraldi, Brian Mulholland,                                SEALs at Coronado
CHad Buck, Ron Seiple and Rep. John Mizuno



                      Jessse Ventura                                                          SEALs in 'nam

                                               Tom Keith                                                 Jesse Ventura in Predator Movie



Ken Abasolol's Wedding: Lt. to Rt: Dan Potts, Roger Guerra, Ken Abasolo, Bob Ross, Mike Macready, Larry Lyons

                             SEAL TWO Demo, Lil Creek VA.


                                                                    Carl Swepston and company

                                                         "Big Al" Ashton   &   John Friesch


                                                       CLass 16   Little Creek VA


      Daniel Cnossen   W.I.A.                                                                                                            Howard E. Wasdin DC


                                              Michael P. Wood


                                                                                                                       L-R: Roger Guerra, Troy Vaught, Wally Diacenzko


                                    L-R:  George Clarke,  ? ,   ? ,    Greg Flores


                                                                                                                                Roger GUerra and  Jimmy "Gator" Algier


                     Roger GUerra and  Jimmy " Gator" Algier 1970 P.R.









??,   Rudy Boesch,  Doc Patchurick,  Terry Sullivan, prone on airmat Jack Lynch, Jim Finley & Neidrauer

Sunday, February 7, 2010 


 You can do your magic with any pic that I send to you.
Have added a few more.
MyTho pool,  L t R:  Unk, Rudy, Doc Pachurick,T. Sullivan,J. Lynch (on belly), J. Findley, B. Neidrauer
Pic of the 4 of us, LtR   Hammerle, Neidrauer, Bai(Cheiu Hoi), T. Sullivan
Pic of PRU Advisors Jan 1970
Sitting front M.Collins
Kneeling L t R UNK, J. Tolison, M. Walsh, A. Huey, P. Slempa
2nd row kneeling E. Jones, UNK, Harris
Standing, J Hammerle, Army guy, UNK, D. Drady, Abrahmson,Welch, Whittum, Mihatsch

                PRUs,top row,left: Jerry Hammerle
The group pic with all in Uniform was UDT 21 Oct 1960
Have the names but would be a lot to ID tonite.
Thanks Amigo

Jerry Hammerle






LCDR Mack Boynton  ; LeRoy Hult, Richard Brereton, Robert Fisher, Jack Carson, Johnny Weismuller

Mack Boynton, Cpo Baxter, Earl ;Lucio DeLaCahda, Maxwell, ???    Hungnam Korea


Joe Metzger.    


passing of Paul T. Aspas, 87, of Birdsnest, VA on 18 October 2013. 
Paul was an early graduate of training at Fort Pierce, FL as well as Maui, HI.
He served in NCDU-1 during WWII and was an original member with UDT-22. 

      Jack Walston 


Owner, Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course. 
Houston, Texas Area Health, Wellness and Fitness 
Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course, Fit America Foundation 
U.S. Navy BUD/S Class #180


Jack Walston 

Owner, Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course. 
Houston, Texas Area Health, Wellness and Fitness 
Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course, Fit America Foundation 
U.S. Navy BUD/S Class #180






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SEAL TWO Photo ALbums by Doc Rio


        SEAL Warrior, Death in the Dark: Vietnam 1968 -1972  by Tom Keith and J. Terry Riebling

 Kirkus Reviews

An unsentimental personal account of the Vietnam War. With the assistance of magazine writer Riebling, retired SEAL master chief Keith chronicles a tale that's oddly refreshing in its clear-eyed bluntness. The author and his tough-as-nails team had jobs to do, he writes, carrying out missions protecting friendly villages from Viet Cong attacks; they simply did not have time to let the brutal surroundings affect them.

The narrative opens with the SEALs surrounded by explosions and tracer fire as they wait to be extracted by helicopter. Keith was not consumed by fear, as most people would be. Instead, he reflected on how the red tracer fire was "as beautiful as any Fourth of July fireworks display" and how lucky he felt to be doing a job he loved. The son of a Navy chief and the grandson of two Army veterans, from an early age Keith dreamed of entering the military, and his determination and skill led him to the elite Navy SEALs.

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                                                                                                 Just Say No


Folks are asking Doc Riojas "how to find a picture" on 

SEAL TWO Photo ALbums by Doc Rio

Hooyah!  A shouted term used often in SEAL Training that means:

  • Hell Yeah!
  • Fuck off
  • Fuck you
  • OH SHIT, not again!
  • Yes Instructor
  • Not again
  • A-firm
  • This is REALLY going to suck
  • This is REALLY going to fucking hurt

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