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Steve Elson, LCDR(SEAL) Ret.


Steve Elson – Former Special Agent with the U.S. Navy, DEA and FAA. Specialist in Counterterrorism, Intelligence, and Security. Twenty-two years military experience, primarily in Naval Special Warfare and nine years Federal service with the FAA and DEA. Retired Navy SEAL.



Fred Miller ST-2, was WIA 'nam and almost lost one leg and was medically retired.  He rehabed himselft and enlisted in the U.S. Army and retired as a Lt. Col.  He is a gunsmith and has his plant in Iowa but lives in Ill.  Fred, Bob Thomas, and Doc Riojas were the TOP GUNs (NRA small arms instructors) in ST2 durning prior to 'nam war games.  Fred is presently owner of  http://midamericarecreation.com/, he is a professional gunsmith. 










The poem was written by an anonymous Marine Corps officer
We're the battling boys of Benghazi ,
No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
Defending our country we loved so well.
It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate
Led them to safety and stood at the gate.
Just the two of us and foes by the score,
But we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
So we fought and we fought and we fought
'til we died.
We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
But Barack and Hillary didn't give a damn.
Just two dead Seals who carried the load
No thanks to us...we were just
"Bumps In The Road".






                                                                            Tim Loen                                                                                            Brett Lynch



















Arthur M. Downes, Jr.
Age 101

 passed on June 3, 2012 at his home. He was born April 29, 1911 in Crestline, Ohio to Arthur and Mabel Downes. 

He was captain of the wrestling team at Ohio State University where he received his Bachelors in Civil Engineering. He retired as President of The Whitacre Engineering Company in Canton.

 He was a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy and Commanding Officer of UDT-17 in World War II.



Erasmo Riojas & John Davis  


Top Lt-Rt: CHuck Detmer, John Dearmon,  ??,  Erasmo Riojas  ;  sitting:  Mr & Mrs: Ray Tullas  

Jim   ?   ,  Richard Marcinko, Erasmo Riojas

Jack Lynch


Lt-Rt; John Roat, Larry Bailey, Mr&Mrs Bill Goines, Jerry Todd, and  ?? 

Lt-Rt: Dan Zamuda, Lou Gosser, Erasmo Riojas D. Hunter White


Lt-Rt:  ??,  Billy Burbank, Jack Lynch, Jery Todd

Marge Boesch, Rudy Boesch and Manny Perez

Erasmo Riojas, Richard "Hook" Tuure, Pat Martin

"Hook" Tuure holding a picture of He & Rio

? David Hyde?,  ??,  ??, Thomas Blais, ??, Mike Nause, AL "Big Al" Ashton


Richard Tuure, Fred McCarthy, Erasmo Riojas, Jerry Todd, Paul T. Schwartz










HAL-3: http:..www.ppvolunteers.org/pdf_files/Seawolfpdf                      


Gordon and Harold Birky


                                                                                                      Rex Davis

Tom Keith read his book:  Seal Warrior: Vietnam , Three Tours of Duty 1968-1972 Thomas H. Keith, J. Terry Riebling


                                               Homer "Doc" Marshall  ST1;    ?   ;     ?    ;   Jose Taylor  ST2

Hello Doc Riojas,


I just came across www.sealtwo.org your tribute to Jose Taylor and wanted to express my appreciation.


As a Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer (NILO) in I Corps 1969 ~ 70, I worked with Jose passing targeting information obtained from the Phoenix organization. Jose and his team conducted several "kill or capture" missions in the Quang Ngai/Chu Lai area based on that info.


Jose was a great guy.. he always had a place for me to stay at the NAD Da Nang compound and on my last evening in country, Jose and a group of SOG folks invaded the Da Nang O'Club to bid me farewell. They made quite an impression on the REMFs.


I last talked with Jose in 1971/2, after he had moved to Florida. However, he has constantly been in my memories.  A truly unforgetable person.


Again, thanks for the memorial.


Ed McDaniel, Ph.D.

CDR       USN-Ret



Edwardo Padgett fire fighter 1 training Carbondale, Pa..

Dennis S. Hryock


Sep 2007:    Top Left Dean Nelson , RIP;         Photo courtesy of Capt. Larry Bailey in N.C.

A.D. Clark and Friend


Roy Boehm,Susan, Jim Watson

July 2010  POST OFFICE Dedicated to Roy Boehm in FL


Larry Lyons, Jim Bracken, Doc Riojas, Dee Clark,  ___Kirby                             A.Dee Clark,   Richard "Doc" Martin
standing: Capt. Bateman,  Bob Holmes




Bill "S.O.B." Daugherty's Photos of Cindy's Sea Burial  at Fort Pierce FL Nov 2007

In a message dated 12/9/2007 , 

docrio  writes: on this page:  Bill, please send me names of the people in these photos. thank you.

Bill  writes:  Rio, here are the names:

TOP L to Right - Bill & Sammie Garnett standing and My son-in-law Barry (Firefighter) and my daughter Stacy (Detective) - Stacy & Barry taking down the photo of Cindy at the beach in Ft. Pierce after the memorial. - 

My 3 children James, (Jim Fox Killed on Fulton Sky Hook Recovery in 1964 was his father.) Stacy, Sean and me shaking hands with SEAL 10 divers who took the ashes to sea. 

The man who had Cindy's ashes name is Tony. What a great group of men. - James, myself with the flag, Stacy, Barry, Sean, and Lu A Dee Clarks min squeeze. - The boat strafing the Beach. (there were two from left & right flank of the beach.- Admiral Olson giving the swimmers the Ashes.- Admiral Olson on his knee presenting the flag. I can't remember the 1st lady's name but on the other side of me was Joe "D"'s.-The 4 swimmers from Seal 10 who did the honors. (If you notice 4 swimmers and 3 remains for a total of 7. Just like a squad. 

This ceremony was thought out to the last detail. - A Dee Clark and Lu. Beautiful photo. - The swimmers in parking lot. - Barry & Stacy with Chaplin LCDR Daniel Link from Coronado.- The last one is Tony who carried out Cindy's Ashes. I was asking him to handle her gently. she had been through enough Pain. Jack Lynch when I ask him to help make this burial possible said he would work on it and felt it was time for the spouses to be recognized as they performed a job supporting the Teams, and their husbands that was just as important as what the men did and felt they were "warriors" as well. 

There is another request for next year. Admiral Olson's Wife was there and remarked how deeply touched she was. There was well over 80 people in attendance. Congresswoman Thelma Drake from Virginia Beach introduced legislation authorizing Military Spouses a Monument in the Wash., D.C. area. Their is a "Military Spouse Legacy Association that started in June. Looks like the future will hold great things for our spouses.

 Yippee!! Hope this helps Rio. 

See you in Houston for the Christmas Party this weekend. 










Lu Faine & Dee Clark


                                    Bill (S.O.B.) Daugherty & Cindy


----- Original Message ----- 

From: daug68@aol.com  Bill Daugherty (S.O.B.= Sweet Ole Bill) 

To: el_ticitl@yahoo.com  Erasmo "Doc" Riojas 

Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007

  Subject: Re: SEAL news today;  Please SEE ARTICLE  on down below my response.(Scary SEAL Stories Hurt Recruiting)

Scary Seal Recruiting?  Shit.   BOO!!!. Attrition rate at 75% before this new program started and now it is only 65%.  Big Fucking Deal!!!  Scary Seal Recruiting?  Shit.   BOO!!!. Attrition rate at 75% before this new program started and now it is only 65%.  Big Fucking Deal!!! 

 Back in the OLD NAVY when we keelhauled those who screwed up it was always about 85%.  We started with 87 and graduated 13.  8 enlisted and 5 officers. (PS:  I was honor enlisted man)  Yippee!!! That and 3.00 will get you a lucky lager beer. 

 Everyone was a honor man in my humble opinion.  It took all of us to get through.  I went through 2 hell weeks as i was hurt but finished.  that goes for Kratky as well. You know the German Kraut.   

  I would love to indoctrinate these young men.  I bet I could get the attritation rate even lower.  I know how to beat those big harry assed instructors.  (Just Ignore them.)  Hell, if you can only do 50 push ups and ask for 100 than give them what you can and finally that will move on and pick on someone else.  

A trainee is supposed to be lower than whale shit.  Could be.  They did not muster us in a phone booth though.  


 No muff to tough will dive for 5.  By the way I loved the Master Diver E Mail.  I knew a lot of them.  I worked offshore for Taylor Diving & Salvage out of La., for years. 

 I worked with Willie Lump Lump and many more great people.  I handled mixed gas and Sat diving, and was a tech writer for the MK 12 tethered and otherwise when it replaced the MK 5.  Wish I still had my old helmet.

I said that:  Bill Daugherty in Oklahoma and proud of it !

                Scary SEAL Stories Hurt Recruiting


lt to rt:  Sam Cichon,  ?, ?, ?:  Sam is the oldest man to graduate from UDT training on the East Coast. Note the second man got his pot worn out on top, you KNOW that he was holding his end of the IBS.  

Scary SEAL Stories Hurt Recruiting

this article taken from:      http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htatrit/articles/20070219.aspx

February 19, 2007: The U.S. Navy has found a way to lower the attrition rate (75 percent) of candidates for SEAL training. Having decided to expand the SEAL force, and not getting enough new candidates, the navy established a "prep school" for recruits wanting to become SEALs. Noting that the major cause of failure is the inability of the candidates to handle the heavy physical demands of the training, the navy decided to help wannabe SEALs cope.  February 19, 2007: The U.S. Navy has found a way to lower the attrition rate (75 percent) of candidates for SEAL training. Having decided to expand the SEAL force, and not getting enough new candidates, the navy established a "prep school" for recruits wanting to become SEALs. Noting that the major cause of failure is the inability of the candidates to handle the heavy physical demands of the training, the navy decided to help wannabe SEALs cope. 

The navy hired former SEALs, who are stationed around the country to show potential recruits how to prepare for the physical screening tests they have to pass to get into SEAL school, and what level of conditioning is required to complete the course.  So far (about a year on), sixty percent more of the SEAL candidates complete their training (the failure rate goes from 75 to 60 percent). The navy is recruiting civilians who are athletic and want to be SEALs, and the addition of the physical conditioning coaches has made SEAL school less intimidating.

The former SEALs also play a role in abolishing a lot of the myths about SEAL training. Yes, it's tough, but there's a lot of urban legends out there making it seem impossibly tough. The navy knows it has lost a lot of potential SEALs because of all the wild stories. The former SEALs, serving with the recruiters, get potential SEAL recruits into the right physical, and mental, shape to get into, and pass, SEAL school.

In a message dated 2/20/2007 7:24:17 A.M. Central Standard Time, In a message dated 2/20/2007 7:24:17 A.M. Central Standard Time,

Email from :  S.O.B.    To:  Doc Riojas



 Newell  SENT ME THIS , real his email below,  AND I Answered  HIS E MAIL AS WELL TO GIVE THat  ARTICLE THE TRUTH !

        Chuck's response to Bill:   GONE !      GONE !  I erased it !      some of you guys  got the wrong impression  on their discussion about BUD/S training THEN and NOW.    There was no animosity between them !    None what so ever, they are good Teamates !  Some of you old frogs need to chill it down and rent the three movies titled "SEAL BUD/S Class 234" and see what the different phases of what the young lions go through in the present time.      E. Doc Riojas (NO class #)  PS: i had my hell weeks in the Korean Police Action with live ammo.       I have been authorized by BuMed to do the talk, since I did the walks.    Ask Jesus when you meet him, he knows because he was there with us. 

             Chuck Newell


HELLWEEK!is a link!




A teamate wrote me this:  I remember  Salenski (in charge), Waddell (hit the deck), Blais (up boat), Cook (squared away), Spiegel (squat jump), Hammond (tough), Clements (you need a haircut), Newell (push up), and Fraley (the runner).  I hope  I did not leave any instructors out.   I'm sure I misspelled a some.  They shaped class 30 into a pretty good class of frogmen (June-December 1963 Little Creek , Va).

I also got emails from  Bill Brumuller, Roy Boehm, Bill Langley, Jerry Hammerle stating that, quote, 

"We need more of this to remind guy's how we used to " rag " on each other and at the end of the day, there are plenty of hugs and kisses to go around. And most important to remember... we would all die for a Teammate."

Our guess is that some of us get over sensitive in our "twilight cruise" and tend to forget all the ribbing that we endured when we were on active duty in the teams.  Good ole days!

                                                            Bill Brumuller & Wife

Hey Chris,  

  It was a good time - sorry you couldn’t make it. The guys from BUD/S were great and Nick is doing an excellent job. While it was good to see the candidates from Texas A&M, the most important thing was the BUD/S instructors were able to confirm that my class was the HARDEST class EVER and that the East Coast has the BEST operators! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   David Casale




U.S.Navy SEAL Training DVDs from Discovery Channel. . Buy!



                      Re-Inventing SEAL Training :  BUD/S  



                                                                                  Mc Queen to left with crew cut laughing

                     Layton Bassett's Platoon




SEAL "Young Lions" with Jim Watson

?, Capt. Bateman, Al Kibbe, Jim Bracken, ?

Larry Bailey, Capt.Bateman, Bob Holms, Al Kibbe, Jim Bracken



Lt-Rt: Demo Dick,Nash,Harry Humphries, Doc Riojas, Doc Martin & Nancy        Richard Marcinko & Son


"Doc" Stone                               Nancy & Doc Martin


Eugene Fraley & Rinny                          "Swede" Tornblom

SEALs Class 29     



Roy Boehm Jim Watson                              Fred & Linda Miller


Clay Grady                              Swede, Rio,Fly, Jack: in Germany




Hank Tong                                 Harry Constance, Erasmo Riojas, Robert Peterson


Navy SEAL Team TWO 

A Brief History Little Creek, Virginia serves as the home and headquarters for Navy SEAL Team #2, which like Navy SEAL Team TWO is lead by a Navy Commander. Eight platoons in total make up the military force behind Navy SEAL Team TWO. As far as Deployment and Training is concerned, Navy SEAL Team #2 focuses in Europe, wherein it sends platoons to Germany where they serve on Amphibious Ships which are deployed to fleets 2 and 6. 

It should be noted that Navy SEAL TWO is the only SEAL Team that has arctic warfare capabilities. This is one of the most unique traits of SEAL Team TWO that sets it apart from all others. 

When Navy SEAL TWO was first formed it was lead by LT. John F. Callahan and consisted almost solely of members from UDT-21. Additional statistics state that Navy SEAL TWO began with a total of ten officers and fifty general ranks. 

One notable Navy SEAL who served as part of Navy SEAL TeamTWO is Harry Constance who joined in 1966. Within four years Harry Constance had completed 300 missions during combat in Vietnam and also captured nearly 200 enemy prisoners. Harry Constance is in fact considered to be one of the most well recognized SEALs from his time. All his endeavors resulted in 3 bronze star medals and after being wounded in battle a Purple Heart. Harry Constance was in fact idolized by the majority of men who served not only as part of Navy SEAL Team TWO, but also all other Navy SEAL Teams that were in operation at the time.

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Richard "Hook" Tuure      




Joe DiMartino    Rudy,Tom Hawkins, Jim Hazelwood, Doc CLark & ??        Jesse Ventura & Doc Rio


Jocko ST-2 Monkey                      Lt-Rt:   Jim Hazelwood, Susan Boehm Roy Boehm Don "Doc" Stone



Hoot Andrews and wife                                     Joe Smith PN2  ST-2


                                                              Johnny Rabbitt,Bill Langley, McDonald, Jones


 Ted Kassa      

                             Tom McCutcheon's  PHOTOS                         

Class 30 E.C. Little Creek VA.


Frank Toms has a get together of Vietnam era SEALS (see faces below) at his home on Thursday the day before the west coast reunion each year.



Cartoon courtesy of Joie, "Fly's" (John Fallon) daughter

Carl "Ty" Zellers

All of these men are R E A L 100% USDA inspected and found to be Perfectly "PRIME" SEAL Team Members.




SEALs Psychological Profiles
[i told you we are not suicical, ((((((((((((heheheheh))))))))))]



Cummings was NEVER real from the day his momma (bleep!) him out!!!


 picture courtesy of Archie Grayson ST-2 notoriety. He swears that is a picture of "Doc" Riojas.


Darryl Young,  Navy SEAL;  

author of TWO SEAL books "The Element of SUrprise" Navy SEALs in VIetnam   andSEALs, UDT, FROGMEN: Men under Pressure

wrote me:

Doc Rio,
was that you who asked RD Russell (SEAL) if Cummings was a real U.S. Navy SEAL???
Someone told me once that there was no such thing as a dumb question, but you have proved to me there is!
hehehe If, you link to that low-life (bleep!) I'll put YOU on my wannabe page!!! hehehehee...

He is nothing more than a freakin asshloe suckin the $$$ from Teammate's experiances!!! I told damn near everyone in that book, including Gary Abrhamson on the front cover, NOT to have anything to do with that asshole...
Now, they're all learning one by one the hard way!  

Your Warrior Brother,  Darryl Young

signed: the DD
This Book is written by a 100% WannaBe SEAL.

DO NOT   buy this book!




UDT-SEAL Museum Magazine      James "Patches" Watson    wrote "Pointman"


                              Admiral ?                           Hector Delgado (SEAL) with wife Michelle & Daughter  Isabella

            Bill Farmer                                       Jim Wilson                                            Michael Howard

                          George Frena "skydiver" in Red Shirt                                      Victor Licause & Mike Naus

           Gene Clayton and Capt. Larry Bailey               Former Navy SEALs Currie Crookston,
and Glenn Matamoros founded PetsDx. 


Capt. (O-6) Bailey, Larry
U.S. Navy 1962-1990

See all of Larry's Old War Dogs posts in one place here.

A native of East Texas, where he graduated from Marshall High School and Stephen F. Austin State College, Larry Bailey was raised on a dairy farm, where he milked an estimated 300,000 Holsteins and Jerseys. Upon graduation from college, he went to Navy Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an ensign in 1962.  After a less-than-stellar eight months as a destroyer sailor, he volunteered for Underwater Demolition Training at Little Creek, Virginia, and graduated therefrom in January 1964.  After spending a year at UDT-22, he transferred to SEAL Team TWO, where he spent the next three years.  Among his deployments at that command were combat tours to the Dominican Republic and Viet Nam.

Larry's 27-year Navy career saw him stationed in Panama, Bolivia, Scotland, the Philippines, and Viet Nam, in addition to various stateside postings, which included Little Creek, VA; Coronado, CA; and Ft. Bragg, NC.  He commanded Naval Special Warfare Unit TWO in Machrihanish, Scotland, and Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado.  He retired from the US Special Operations Command in 1990.

Since retirement, Larry has worked as a consultant, speechwriter, fundraiser, and general gad-about.  His most notable activities included presiding over Vietnam Vets for the Truth, which campaigned against John Kerry in 2004, and over Vets for the Truth, which unsuccessfully tried to deny John Murtha a 17th term in Congress.

Larry and his wife Judy are the parents of two adult children: Tucker and Hallie.

Contact Capt. Bailey through:  docrio45 [at]  gmail  DOT  com the webmaster




                                            Linda and Jim "Patches" Watson

      I need help names the rest of these Frogmen from East Coast, I named the ones i could recognize but I may be wrong?

     Rear Admiral Ray Smith, USN (Ret.)

 Widely regarded as one of the Navy's most inspirational leaders, Rear Admiral Smith has spoken on his leadership experiences to a wide range of audiences including corporate, political, military, and civic leaders. His Navy SEAL stories based on his personal experiences are extremely popular to the listening audience.

A Navy SEAL for 31 years, he achieved extraordinary success through focused, participatory leadership. During his four-year tenure as Commander of the 2300-men SEAL force, he raised personnel retention to a level three times the Navy average.

As a Navy Captain, he led the Navy SEALs in Operation Desert Storm, conducting over 200 operations of strategic significance while incurring no casualties. Earlier in his career, Admiral Smith directed Navy SEAL training, generally considered to be the most challenging military training in the world.

Admiral Smith has been recognized in Newsweek, Fortune, Reader's Digest, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and CBS This Morning. He published two highly successful Navy SEAL manuals on nutrition and fitness. He was awarded the California Distinguished Service Award while a member of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Admiral Smith was telling us , at the UDT SEAL Museum Muster XXIII , his humble beginnings in the U.S. Navy.  He said he was an enlisted man before he was selected to attend the U.S. Naval Academy.  He is supposed to send me his story, but i will not hold my breath.   Doc Riojas

               Richard "Mack" Machowicz as seen on TV Discovery Channel                   Duncan Smith.


             Mack and Lourdes Tolentino-Riojas, at  Little Jim's Bait Shack,Muster XXIII, Ft. Pierce FL


                                                          Mike Gold & Jim "patches" Watson


           5 Officers:Lt. to Rt: Class 56: Mike Slattery, Jim Hoover, Jerry Retcher, Mike Cadden photo by: Spence Cadden


                         Lance Armstrong & Dean Cummings at BUD/S O course

From: Dean <deanc56 [at] cox.net>
Subject: ST-2 Site To: el_ticitl [at] yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, February 8, 2009 

Hey Doc, 

Long time no see.  I was perusing your website today and damn if I didn’t see a very recent picture of me with Lance Armstrong on page SEVEN!  Wow, how stuff gets around J  Thanks for sticking me on there. 

  Interestingly enough, for a guy who is in his mid-30’s, and has never seen the O’Course before, he did a very admirable job of completing the entire course (tho he wasn’t a big fan of the slide for life). While we all know that it takes technique which you only learn after repetition, he ran it well and was barely out of breath – I do believe with a little practice, he’d be giving the young guys a run for their money. 

Kinda like Team guys – world class athlete with a lot of pride J 

Well, the real reason I’m writing is because I came to a picture on the same page, towards the bottom, where you asked “can anyone ID this CDR?” I do believe it is CDR (now CAPT) Duncan Smith. 
Hope this helps!! 
Dean Cummings

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                                           Capt. Mike G. Slattery Ret.

                                        "Bud" Thrift                                                   "Bud" Thrift


                                                                   ?? ,  Al Ashton,  Pierre Birtz


                                                                         Norminda Healy & Daughter

Lt.toRt:A.D. Clark, Frank Moncrief, ?John Muckle?, Capt. Symons, Jake Reinbolt, Erasmo Riojas, Jack Rowell, Bob Gormley, Ron "Big Ron" Rogers


               Marcus Luttrell                                                                      Jesse Ventura



                        Eric Prince                                                                               Mazrc A. Lee KIA


Mike Boynton after blasting VC Bridge           Lt toRt: Harry Constance, Curtis Ashton, Erasmo Riojas, Fred Keener

                                               Anthony Obrian                                             Eric Prince

                                Curt Gibby, Joe Hunter, Roger Smith, Dave Perry, Don Lindsey,
                                                                      Frank Sayle, Erasmo Riojas, Dan Potts.

                    Class 19 EC

                                                                                                                           Dan Healey

                         Larry Lyons and Melissa


        Mike Gold, Daughter, Rudy Boesch Nov 2009          

                                                                                                                 Robert E. Smith

                                             Tom Vawter                                             Doc Riojas and Swede Tornblom



Brumuller, Hershel Frog,


Jack Menendez and Pete Tonnies


Rudy, Tipton, Bob, and ??


Marc J. Thomas


Steve "Moose" Robinson


Steve Robinson in “St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998”


Steve Robinson “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” 


“St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998” Steve Robinson


From: darren  a  greenwell
To: Doc, 
Subj:  Book Defender Dolphins on IUWG-1 program

How are you doing amigo? I hope you and yours are all well. 

I know you spent some time in Hawaii and Cam Ranh Bay a few years back... did you or any of the guys at SEAL Two ever get involved in Quick Find or Short Time or were they both West Coast programmes? 

I recall Steve "Moose" Robinson being involved with IUWG-1 back in the 70's...I've read a lot about Quick Find, but despite Short Time being declassified back in 1992, Nobody has ever told the story until CAPT (Ret) Harold W. Goforth, Jr published this book. 


Here's one of the endorsements: 

Defender Dolphins reveals how a handful of dedicated scientist, engineers and biologist came together to confront one of the most difficult challenges the Navy faced in Vietnam, and still faces today. Hal Goforth tells the truth about how the Navy effectively used dolphins to protect its fleet at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, during the heat of the Vietnam War. His knowledge of the Navy’s first Swimmer Defense System is unsurpassed. 

— Ron Seiple, CAPT (Ret), a decorated two-time Vietnam veteran Navy SEAL, and former Science Advisor for the Commander Pacific Fleet who was considered one of the Navy’s experts in Swimmer Defense Systems. 

I'll be reaching out to Hal to see if I can get me a signed copy! best 


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From:Erasmo "Doc" Riojas 
To :  Dareen Greenwell, Steve Robinson
Subj:  Book:  Defender Dolphins
  Darren, i am making a Cc: to Steve. maybe he can be of help.

 I was there in CamRanh when they had the dolphins. 

EOD are the guys that had that program there. 

thanks           RIO


Steve Robinson 

5:27 PM (43 minutes ago) 

To: Darren, Rio, 
From: Steve Robinson
Subject: Dolphin/ Sealion Program

I wasn't aware of the book having been written... but as soon as I received Darren's email, I went online to Amazon.com and ordered a copy for myself. 

I don't recall a lot of information about the men/animals in the program... since I was just a 'target swimmer' and not an animal handler. I did interact with the EOD guys and had initially started the paperwork to enter the EOD program (I was already a SEAL)... but I was injured as a target swimmer and that sort of brought it all to an end. 

It was EOD running the show for the IUWG-1 program, but several of them were dual qualified as SEALs. Additionally, most of the handlers for both the dolphins and the sea lions were SEALs.

 Doc... our Teammate, Rick Hetzell, was a sea lion handler with the program. I've remembered his involvement since he and I were involved in other stuff together. The years have stolen the names of virtually all other men and animals involved while I was there. I will say that I learned the hard way that these animals were not "Flipper" the friendly dolphin. 

They were the aquatic version of K9 working dogs and had a similar mental outlook on the world. They loved their handlers, but their mental attitude toward almost everyone else was guarded and mostly hostile. One of the guys who was new to the program began working with a dolphin that raked one of his arms with its upper jaw... effectively tearing a nasty shred that immediately developed a dangerous infection. He had to leave the program... at least he was out of the program until he completed medical process to treat the injury with antibiotics and completely heal the torn flesh.

 Same with the sea lions; they could be very aggressive if they took a notion to be "tempermental". 

Steve Robinson

Marine Mammal Programme Inbox x Darren A Greenwell from London great Brittain

to: shadek,  Steve, Doc Rio
Date: 11Oct2013
Many thanks for your emails... Doc... try http://defenderdolphins.com/ or the book reviews at http://adducent.co/upcoming-defender-dolphins-the-story-of-project-short-time/ 

Steve... thanks for the insight... your words add real "colour" to some of the matter-of-fact 'black and white' documents I've read in the past. 

I don't know if you got to read a book called "The Red Circle"? In it, the author Brandon Webb records a few brief lines about when he swam target back in the 90's. He and his swim buddy tried to stay shallow and near the rocks close to shore to confuse the dolphins sonar, but further out they used thermoclines to their advantage by going deep and trying to keep a solid temperature break between them and the dolphins. 

I have attached a copy of the old Quick Find report from 1972 (unclassified) that NUC issued. It names some of the animals, and refers to 2 year old male and female sealions "Red" and "Al" being "rejected as hostile"... and that was just the recovery mammals... your story about the attack dolphins and the new guy, and of course your own incident are sobering. 

Forty years on, I hope that Hal's book helps brings back some good memories of your part in an amazing chapter in Naval unconventional warfare. 

best wishes, 





Steve Robinson in “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” 

I  don’t have a problem with anyone knowing I went to “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” or “St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998”. I dreamed about it when I was a kid (dunno why), dreamed about it when I was in college learning the Russian language (which seemed only appropriate since I was majoring in Slavic Studies), and when I was offered the chance to go in the late 90’s, I jumped at it. I despise the Communist form of government, but the common people of Russia are just like common people everywhere when the government isn’t meddling in their business… doing their damnedest to make ends meet, keep food on the table, stay warm in the winter, and live to a ripe old age with grandkids underfoot.                                Steve "Moose" Robinson








Per-Erik "Swede" Tornblom


Per-Erik "Swede" Tornblom


Per-Erik "Swede" Tornblom

Gordon Clisham and X-Ray Platoon ST-1 'Nam

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Actually, I asked my husband Gordon if it was o.k.(before I sent them) that I send them and he said it was. Gordon was in X-Ray Platoon in Ben Tre province.

 As indicated on the photo, he is the one holding the bananas. No need to give me credit for the pictures, I am just happy you can use them. Looks as though you have done so much work on your site, I'll be happy to let the other Team Members know about it and check it out. 

My husband and I keep in close touch with these families. We have a farm in Parkton, Maryland and during the past ten years have had about six reunions at the house (they last about three or four days, with people at the hotel nearby and sleeping in tents or throughout our house) Each year, we attract a few new people. 

Having raised their children now, paid for college, and now have a little extra time and money, more are interested in getting together on a regular basis. The women have become very close too and all of the guys walk away from these weekends with a renewed sense of camaraderie. We're very happy to have them at our home for the weekend. 

Thanks for keeping the memory of these brave guys alive - you do a great job.
 Sandi Clisham
1) Picture 049 (from left to right ) - 2006 Reunion, Parkton Md. - 'Pastor Dan Cerigioni, Dan Peterson, Rick Hetzell, Don Barnes, Gordon Clisham, Dave Shadnaw, (UDT) Rod Yonkers 

 X-Ray Platoon (Gordon said this was called the bad luck platoon because there were so many losses. Jim Ritter (KIA) took the picture. From left to right top row - Rick Hetzell, Irving Brown, Harold Birkey (KIA), Doc Caplenor, Frank Bowmar (KIA), Clint Majors, Mike Collins (KIA), Lou Decrose. Middle - Alan Vader. Bottom Row left to right - Mike Trigg, Dave Shadnaw, Gordon Clisham, Awe(the scout).

Doc Riojas,

X RAY  Platoon really got hammered
 I thougt it was LT Collins; I just could not for the life
of me recall his last name......
Steve Frisk

A list of all in the photo as follows: LDNN Thang (a Bad Guy) -  Paul "PK" Barnes - David Shadnaw - Lt. Mike Collins - Jim McCarthy - Harold "Happy" Baker - Lou DiCroce - Bottom row: 2 KC Scouts and Clint Majors.  All members of platoon were WIA and most of us twice. Clint Majors Half-Ass McCarthy is 3rd from right in back row
I think the officer is the movie star looking guy without a hat
Mike ______
He was KIA
NAB Coronado Swim Pool (Base pool) was named after him. 


  Joe De Floria

To: Doc Rio

Doc, that’s SEAL Team One, X-Ray Platoon. Here are some of the names, standing left to right; VN Thang, not sure, Alan Vader, Mike Collins, Jim McCarthy, not sure, Lou DiCroce,   Kneeling; KC Scout, not sure, Clint Majors.          Joe DeFloria

That is X-Ray platoon late 1970.  LT Mike Collins is the man
standing in the center with the Stoner MG (he was KIA.  Believe the man on
the far right standing in Lou Dicroce.  Radioman looks like Clint Majors.
I'm at work, so will need to look at the platoon list when I get home.
Other members of the platoon were: Mike Trigg, Doc Caplenor, Rick Hetzell,
Gordon Clisham, Harold Birky, Alan Vader, Morey Kucich, and Dave Shadnaw.


Here is the info on X-ray Platoon that I have:

XRAY -Oct 70-Apr 71 (Ben Tre) *1 LT Michael R. Collins, *1 EMC Frank W.
Bomar, *2 EM1 Louis Dicroce, *2 HM2 Michael Caplenor, *1 EM3 James L.
Ritter, *2 RM3 Richard C. Hetzell, YN3 Clint Majors, *2 SF3 Gordon Clisham,
*1 FN Harold E. Birky, *3 SN Irving S. Brown, *2 SN Alan Vader, *2 SN
Michael Trigg, *4 SN Morey Kucich, SFFN David Shadnaw

Replacement/s: SN Paul K. Barnes, RM2 Harold Baker, FN Randall Clyton, RMSN
James McCarthey, QMC Clarence L. Betz

Notes: *1 KIA, *2 WIA, *3 Sent home, *4 Went home

Roger Clapp

Actually, they had 4 KIA (Bomar, Riter, Collins, Birky) and
everyone, including the replacements for the replacements were wounded with
the possible exception of Clint Majors.

I went on the op to recover Bomar and Riter (Happy Baker was awarded
the Navy Cross for actions on that op) and was at Cam Ranh Bay when Mike
Collins was killed.


Hi Doc Rio-

 Thanks for your reply - I am going to send these pictures in separate e-mails because they are on different discs and I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly. 

1) Picture 049 (from left to right ) - 2006 Reunion, Parkton Md. - 'Pastor Dan Cerigioni, Dan Peterson, Rick Hetzell, Don Barnes, Gordon Clisham, Dave Shadnaw, (UDT) Rod Yonkers 

2) 050 (2006 Reunion) Team members and wives, and kids 









WEBMASTER NOTE:   Cindi and all;  sorry, I renamed the photos and so I now am unable to label the pictures with the guys/gals names.  I am sure somebody will email me and give me a hand.      Erasmo Doc Riojas    docrio45 [at] gmail.com

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