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Former Navy SEAL Steve “Moose” Robinson maintains a website intended to provide general information about the Teams to the public at large. CyberSEALs.org also hosts a password-secured discussion forum for bona fide UDT and SEAL personnel. That discussion forum – the Virtual Team Compound, or VTC – currently has several hundred UDT/SEAL Teammates as members. Any current or former Team members who wish to apply for their free VTC membership should contact Steve via email by writing him at shadek [at] tri-lakes  DOT net. He will tell them what’s needed and direct them to the subscription application. All applicants are screened against the SEAL DATABASE. Membership is only granted to those whose names are listed there.  

          VTC stands for VIRTUAL TEAM COMPOUND, a SEAL-eyes-only password-protected online discussion forum where SEAL Teammates past and present who think alike.   Where we can all interact and reminisce without concerns that their comments will be taken out of context, misquoted, misunderstood, or end up on the evening news.  What is posted on the VTC, stays on the VTC !


Steve "Moose" Robinson ~BlacksmithSEAL~  and Webmaster
USN 1970-1978 59wc, ST-1, IUWG-1
ST-1 Comm/ET Instructor, J,C,F Plts, SDV IMA

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Steve Robinson       VTC Webmaster        email:  shadek [at] tri-lakes  DOT  net

                                                Steve Robinson   and    FBI agent



Steve "Moose" Robinson


Steve Robinson in “St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998”


Steve Robinson “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” 


“St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998” Steve Robinson


Steve Robinson in “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” 

I  don’t have a problem with anyone knowing I went to “Ulyanovsk, Russia 1998” or “St. Basil’s, Red Square, Moscow 1998”. I dreamed about it when I was a kid (dunno why), dreamed about it when I was in college learning the Russian language (which seemed only appropriate since I was majoring in Slavic Studies), and when I was offered the chance to go in the late 90’s, I jumped at it. I despise the Communist form of government, but the common people of Russia are just like common people everywhere when the government isn’t meddling in their business… doing their damnedest to make ends meet, keep food on the table, stay warm in the winter, and live to a ripe old age with grandkids underfoot.                                Steve "Moose" Robinson






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