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  Rudy Boesh (SEAL)   CBS SURVIVOR.     go click on Rudy's name.      TV channel  USA,  see Rudy in      He is the first Colonel SEAL (they should've called him USN Captain Rudy)

  The UDT-SEAL Archives     http://www.navyfrogmen.com/  RD Russell and Pam.     Greatest Web Site on SEALs

  The NightScribe   The Largest known page of SEAL & Military Links.              Click On  the INDEX  then  Click on MILITARY.           You MUST visit this web site!              

More great LINKS on  "Hoot" Andrews WebSite.   check it out!  

Memorial Day 2000 Houston  TX  Photos      also a picture of Curt Gibby. 

Carlos Moleda (SEAL) WIA , Panama Canal Action

                           Y2K  Reunion Pictures here.  Go copy some!      Email me if I promised you pictures.  I'll Email them.                          Hyrum Mullikin & Mr. Worst Aqua Sports

An   American  coward  spending   the  night  with   an              American    hero.                                                              

SAM ORR (SEAL) World Traveler and Philanthrope (location [RIP]  unknow)JJuly 4th, 1931 to    May 9th 2000

Sam's last words to his sons Peter and Brad were "Enjoy
life, work hard but take time to smell the flowers.                                RIP "Frogman Gentleman and a scholar"                            taken at:  UDT-SEAL Museum,    FT  PEIRCE  FL  1998

Roy Boehm "First SEAL" great photos                        


  Korean War   HM3 Erasmo "Doc" Riojas'  HELL WEEKS! 100% HELL!        

  F.O. UWSS Web Page, Photo Album  Second reunion was May 2000 at Panama Beach FL.    Go see some of the pictures!     




 David H. Hackworth,(Special Forces General) Soldier, Author, Columnist eight Purple Hearts, which he considers the most meaningful

     Stolen Valor                                                               


Rio & LouLou ALASKA   Aug   1999   Mayor Sol Atkinson's  and Jo Ann's home

July 27, 2000 EMAIL   FROM  Gene Fraley's widow Gailla.

Dear Doc Riojas,

We Just got back from the reunion this A>M> and your the first one im writing to It was great and my daughter and I had a really great time and we were treated the best ever. Im so happy we went. Meet lots of guys tom trainned and the people in his graduation class and heard lots

of great stories too. If you talk to anyone we meet on your web. Site please tell them thank you for such a great time  Please take care. Might go this fall to the Nov.trip will see about that later. Talk to you soon.

                 GAILLA    M  FRALEY          

                                                                                                                    Matrix SCREENSAVER

  Naval Medical Center San Diego

U.S. Navy SEALs Win/ Lose    "The Snake Eaters"   many :  Links 

U. S. Navy SEALs Win/Lose

Three SEALs  U. S. Navy   SEALs KIAs       
Panama Army Fuckup!
Lesson learned: "SEALs are not "legs!"


KIA    "Bubba"  
          Brewton    RIP

 ASR-ARSASSN.org Web Site.  Home of USNavy Deep Sea Divers "Men of Guts"

Moose Creek Forge  U.S. Navy SEAL      Steve  Robinson

  The  CYBERSEALs.org by:        Ms.  Liz  Logan    webmaster of the  SEAL-PML   

                  see roster of KIA SEALs in war.

The  TEAMS     by:   Gary Jackson (class 88)                    Great   Website!

My very best friend:   John Francis Rabbitt (SEAL)  RIP

Please send me your pictures for this box!  

Future Attraction:  Doc Riojas  his own Cartoon Creations       If I have drawn a cartoon for you, scan it and send it to moi.

  If you did the walk........ Do the Talk!  Web pages that I have made for some of my teamates.

Ted Kassa (SEAL) & USN Deep Sea Diver

USN SEALs :Mis Amigos the HasBeans.     These are all my friends, REAL SEALs 

                             We could've won the war with this weapon!     I never carried an M-14 it was a .308 sniper rifle.

   The most complete WINE listings on the internet.     All about liquors in Houston TX.


Vietnamese SEAL's (LDNN) emblem.  They were also Heroes.  CamRanh Bay RVN Camp

John Conner (SEAL)  KIA  Panama. Lesson learned: SEALs are not "legs!"

SEALs KIA in Afganistan           
War without end. Amen!

Memorial Day     Houston TX 
                     "Where have all the flowers gone?  Gone to graveyards everyone."

    Memory Lapses    may be   normal?        Fading Memory?       Don't Panic!          It may be benign Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI).        Test  your   memory   here      !     

   BA MI BA   ( 33)   ('nam beer) with  NucDa (ice)      "Make Love & War"                                   

  This is my favorite movie star: Salma Hyek 

       The American  Dollar  a patriotic article.


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