udt-seal museum , Ft. Pierce, FL. Musters
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                                      Fort Pierce FL  MUSTER 2005
                                   Photos by Brian Keith &  A.D. Clark



                   National UDT-SEAL Museum on Utube movies



                    MICROSKIF.COM PHOTOS & MOVIE


2011 MUSTER Photos by Lowell Gosser:  HERE! and

 his movie is  HERE !  great Job Lowell!



By James Kirley Posted November 10, 2012
Doc Rioja's pictures HERE !






                                              UDT-SEAL Museum VIDGRIDS




  GOOGLE.COM:  MUSTERs :  National UDT-SEAL Museum Ft. Pierce FL: Birthplace of the Navy Frogmen


                                                                                                                             GM3c E. Remisiewic UDT-26




  A LOT of photos here: by TCPalm Newspaper












A great Teamate, Plank Owner ST-2;    A. D. Clark;  founder of the "Gulfcoast SEALs"











Doc Riojas' Seadaddy: Bob Shouse












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