SEAL Reunion East Coast 2014


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??, ??,  rudy Boesch,  ??

Pierre Ponson

Amir Pishdad Jr. and lovely wife



This is NOT "Doc" Clark 
Doc Clark was a HMCM !



Rudy Boesch and Fred Miller


I need their ID's if they are not active duty





Fred Miller,   ??,      CHuck Detmer


A beautiful Family,  can you name them for me?


TWO Miss/Mrs America's and Doc Riojas


Doc Riojas and , I forgot his name ! damn old age brain !


DO I have to ID this guy?    You do it for me !


MCPO retired ST-8   somebody, send me his name please


Frank Walters


Frank Walters, John Jauzems, Ed McQueen and CHuck Detmer


Fred Miller in the background and   I forgot his name


Three Young Lions, and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas 83 year old has been


Lt. to Rt.  Fred Miller, Jack Menendez, ???,  Doc Riojas


Fred Miller and Jack Menendez


Jack and Daughter ??


Combat Illustrated Magazine Cover featuring Navy SEALs


Bud Thrift dropped his name tag


UDT/R, E.C. former Instructor:   James Cook the Magnificent


May Tom Rest in Peace in Frogman Heaven.  His demise was a shock to the Senior SEAL community


WOW!  Bill Bishop !   and  Fred Miller


Bill Bishop, Erasmo Riojas  and Jim Cook


a SEAL icon who graduated from TWO training classes and my beloved drinking buddy  Tom Blais


Bill Goines, Fred Miller and Jim Cook


Kahlil Gibran:  "The Prophet" on Death



I forgot her name, and her husband; her beloved:  Bill Goines


Do I need to tell you who this old Frogman is?  He probably busted your ass in UDT/R training at Little Creek


Can shoot straighter than me at 50 yards with a .45 M1911 pistola?   Hershel Davis


WOW!  Frank Moncrief (not wearing a ParaCommander, Sylvia his beloved;  and non other than Bill Langley


This is the Frogman who gave me $60.00 for Minh,  sorry, i forgot his name:  HELP  !


Some Frogs can kill you with their poisonous bite:  Beware of those lil critters !


Erasmo Riojas, Bill Barth, Harry Coleman, Rudy (SURVIVOR, CBS) Boesch


Rick Woolard and his lovely wife;  sorry, i forgot her name;  HELP!


Pat Martin, Rudy Boesch, and Bill Langley


John Kirbky, Miles Pierson , Bob Moore,  ???,  Doc Riojas

This Piggie died for us:  SO GOOD !

Bob Gormley and Becky

John Jauzems, Doc Rio, and  ???    send me his name please

Bob Clark and Dee


Bill "Ed" Ferguson and John Jaunzems

Bill Langley

Fred Miller, Bill Dawson (WWII frog), Bill Langley,  ???,  Doc Riojas

Fred Miller, Erasmo Riojas, Green, Langley

Fred Miller's Class Teamates and Mary Ann Koenig


Dr. Raymond A. Fritz Jr.(Blue shirt at center) and his gang of future Podiatrists and SEAL Warriors,   


__??_Black and Mark Black


Lt to Rt:   ??,  ??,  ??,  ??,  ??, Amir Pishdad, Rudy Boesch, Amir Pishdad Jr., RIO, ??, Larry Bailey

somebody, ID them for me please    docrio45 [at]  gmail  DOT  com;   thanks


Amir Pishdad and Amir Pishdad Jr.

Erasmo Riojas, Miles Pierson, Norm Nesbitt, Bob Moore



I forgot their names  "Love Birds"

John Kirby and Fred Miller

Doc Riojas, Jo heinlein, Joe Heinlein, and Fred Miller

Jack Menendez and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas

??,  tom Keith, Jack Menendez,  John Jauzems, and ???









John Jaunzems,  chuck Detmer


Tom Keith

Fred Miller, Bill Langley, Ed McQueen, Jim Redmond, Julie Langley,  ??

Dan Olson, David Hyde,  ??? Hyde,  Erasmo Riojas

holding Pink Cup:  Paul Cagle

Fred Miller and others

name them and email their IDs to me:   docrio45  [at]  gmail  DOT com


Rudy Boesch and Fred Miller

Fred Miller and Archie, the oysters were TERRIBLE!  Don't eat them there !



Black and Rio ST-2 Quarterdeck

Fred Miller at the ST-2 quarterdeck, picture: Tom Keith with Stoner Machine Gun

Aren't you glad he was fightin on our side?


Paul Cagle and Doc Riojas

Chuck Detmer and Fred Miller at the Base BOQ

Fred Miller by the Stone taken from the old ST-2 building

President ZERObama, Change the R.O.E.s for the Navy SEAL so that less will die !